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Release blitz - Savage vow by Zoe Blake

Title: Savage Vow
Series: Ivanov Crime Family #1
Author: Zoe Blake
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: January 15, 2021


I took her innocence as payment. 
She was far too young and naïve to be betrothed to a monster like me. 
I would bring only pain and darkness into her sheltered world. 

That’s why she ran. 
I should’ve just let her go… 
She never asked to marry into a powerful Russian mafia family. 
None of this was her choice. 

Unfortunately for her, I don’t care. 
I own her… and after three years of searching… I’ve found her. 
My runaway bride was about to learn disobedience has consequences… punishing ones. 

Having her in my arms and under my control had become an obsession. 
Nothing was going to keep me from claiming her before the eyes of God and man. 
She’s finally mine… and I’m never letting her go.



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One moment I was standing in the middle of the room, the next, he pressed me against the wall, towering over me. His hips leaned into mine as his right arm rested high over my head, caging me in. His warm spicy scent enveloped me. The sensation was overwhelming and terrifying. 
Still, he didn’t speak. 
I licked my lips and watched as his gaze zeroed in on my mouth. 
“Answer me,” I demanded with more boldness than I felt. 
“Would I have pulled the trigger?” he repeated. 
I nodded. 
He lowered his right arm. The cold barrel of the gun grazed my cheek. I sucked in a breath. He pointed the gun off to the side and cocked the hammer. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced for the gunshot, but only heard the same hollow metallic click. Opening my eyes, I watched as Gregor tossed the gun onto the bed. 
“But… I don’t….” 
Lifting his left arm, he held up a bullet between his thumb and forefinger. He had never truly loaded the gun. It had all been a twisted game from the start. 
My brow furrowed. “Why would you do something like that? You scared him to death!” 
“He deserved to be punished for touching you.” 
He said it so matter of factly. As if we weren’t discussing terrorizing my now ex-boyfriend with a fucking gun! 
I shoved at his chest. It was solid muscle, so of course he didn’t budge. I hated that I had to crane my head back to meet his gaze. It made me feel small and vulnerable. “No one asked you! I can take care of myself!” 
“Malyshka, you can’t honestly think I was going to let him assault you like that and just walk away unscathed? He’s lucky it’s my little sister’s birthday, and the house is filled with witnesses, otherwise I would have beaten him within an inch of his worthless life.” 
“I don’t understand. Why do you care?” 
I hadn’t laid eyes on this man in over five years. I was just his little sister’s friend. I was nothing to him. 
He reached down to pull back the fabric of my dress, exposing the top of my breast and shoulder. His fingertip traced my collarbone before slowly moving down to caress near the bruise marks. His brow creased, and a small tick appeared high on his cheekbone just below his eye. He breathed heavily through his nose as if he were trying to calm himself down. His anger was palatable. 
“He hurt you,” he said matter-of-factly, his voice gruff and low. “When I entered from the patio, even before I saw your face, I could feel your fear. If I hadn’t come in when I did? That little bastard would have….” 
It hadn’t occurred to me he might actually be shaken and upset at Peter’s treatment of me. Gregor almost appeared human in this moment. Vulnerable. 
“Yeah, but he didn’t….” 
He cupped my jaw and gazed down at me, his eyes as hard as flint. Gone was my brief glimpse of his unfamiliar human side. He was back to being the scary, inscrutable man I knew him to be. “It will never happen again. Do you understand me? I’m here now to make sure of it.” 
What was that supposed to mean? 
Alarm bells raged inside my head. 
He ran his thumb over my bottom lip before continuing. “From this point forward, you are under my protection. I will expect you to behave accordingly and not put yourself in these types of dangerous positions again. I will be obeyed in this, malyshka.” 
Under his protection? 
Obey him? 
Something was wrong here. 
I couldn’t think straight. Too much had happened in the last hour. 
My head was spinning. 
Nothing he said or did was making any sense to me. 
My eyes welled up as the trauma set in. 
Frustrated, I swiped at a tear that fell down my cheek. “Stop calling me that!” 
“You know what.” 
“Yes, malyshka! I’m not you’re malyshka. I’m not your anything! You can’t just come in here and start dictating rules to me!” 
“That’s where you’re wrong. You’re mine now.”


Releasing February 19


Releasing March 19



USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance 

She delights in writing Dark Romance books filled with overly-possessive Billionaires, Taboo scenes and Unexpected twists. She usually spends her ill-gotten gains on martinis, travel and red lipstick. Since she can barely boil water, she’s lucky enough to be married to a sexy Chef.



Cover reveal - Atonement by T.K. Leigh

Title: Atonement
Series: Possession Duet #2
Author: T.K. Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Tracy Kellam
Release Date: February 8, 2021


Londyn Bennett entered my world like a hurricane. One I was grossly unprepared for. 

But in the short time we’ve known each other, she’s opened my eyes to things I never expected. She taught me about acceptance. Compassion. Love. 

Because of her, I’ve also been forced to learn about prejudice. Cruelty. Hate. 

We may come from two different worlds, but the second we met, our hearts beat as one, nothing able to sever our connection. 

Or so I thought. 
When the bubble we’ve been living in bursts, will our love be strong enough to weather the gale-force winds threatening to upend everything? Or is hatred too powerful to overcome? 

A wise person once told me that the right path isn’t always the easy one. 

I just never realized the right path could be so treacherous. 

Atonement in the final book in the Possession Duet, an opposites attract, interracial romance with all the feels.






T.K. Leigh is the USA Today Bestselling author of romance ranging from fun and flirty to sexy and suspenseful. Originally from New England, she now resides in sunny Southern California with her husband, beautiful daughter, rescued special needs dog, and three cats. When she’s not writing, she can be found training for her next marathon (of which she has run over twenty fulls and far too many halfs to recall) or chasing her daughter around the house.


Thursday, 14 January 2021

Release boost - Off the cuff by K.I. Lynn

Title: Off the Cuff
Author: K.I. Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 11, 2021


I spilled a cup of coffee on the President of Acquisitions. 
He deserved it. 

Not the brightest idea, but I’d had a bad day, and now he’s getting back at me. 

For nine weeks I’m to be his assistant, and there’s nothing I can do about it. 
It’s punishment. 

Every moment we’re near each other it’s a constant battle of wills, but I refuse to go down. 

If only he wasn’t so good looking. 

If only my fantasies didn’t invade our arguments. 

Everything is off the cuff, including him pinning me to the wall. 

Now he wants something else from me. 
A date. 

There’s just one problem--he doesn’t know I have a child.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


When I got to the break room, I let out a whine at the empty pot sitting on the burner. Why didn’t the person who took the last cup make a new pot? We were all coffee addicts; it wasn’t like it was going to go to waste.
As I prepared a new pot, another yawn moved through me. I prayed that sleep would fill my night.
I leaned over the counter of the break room, watching the pot of coffee slowly fill. The smell of the fresh brew lifted my spirits, and it helped me knowing soon I’d have a delicious cup in hand that would help me get through the next few hours.
“Are you okay, Roe?” January asked.
I blew out a breath and turned to her. “It’s the worst case of the Mondays. Please tell me it will get better. Lie if you have to.”
“Oh, sweetie.” Her gaze moved down my shirt. “It will get better. Stay here. I’ll be right back.”
Before I could ask or have her just meet me at my desk, she was gone.
My eyes drooped for a second, heavy as afternoon drowsiness hit and combined with my already tired state. After ten months of caring for my baby niece, you’d think I’d have the perpetual lack of sleep down to an art form, but alas, it wasn’t so. There was no such thing as getting used to operating on just a few broken hours of sleep. A quick intake of breath and some blinks shook me awake, at least for a moment.
While I spaced out, the dripping of the coffee subsided and I poured a cup. The smell was divine, and I pulled a container from the fridge. I loved to mix in some premade cold mocha to cool it down faster and make it even yummier. I took a sip of my coffee, a moan leaving me. Perfect.
In my tuned-out state, I wasn’t aware there was someone behind me. As I turned, my elbow caught his outstretched arm. The jostle sent a wave of coffee over the lip of the mug. Hot, dark liquid splashed across my hand and the clothing covering the person behind me.
My eyes were wide as my body bowed back to avoid more of it landing on me, my hand stinging from the warmth. Thankfully the mocha had cooled it down some.
“Oh, crap. I am so sorry!” My shit day that was having a brighter moment just got even worse.
“Fucking incompetent twit!” he spat as he grabbed for some paper towels.
My mouth dropped open. “I am so sorry,” I apologized again, my brain stuck in blame-taking mode even though his words were grating on me. It could also be partially blamed on the hotness towering over me.
The man before me with his whip of a tongue was just as lashing with his looks. I’d seen him around before. Who wouldn’t have noticed that razor line of a jaw, stunning blue eyes, dark hair, or his perfect body in a suit that had to be custom made?
He may have starred in a fantasy or two of mine, but that was to be expected with a man like him.
My gaze caught on the flicker of his black cuff links as they glimmered with each swipe of his hand. They struck me as odd and off brand from what little personality I’d built up in my head.
“Sorry doesn’t fix this,” he growled at me.
He was pissed, and for some reason, that was funny to me. Of course Mr. Too-Sexy-For-His-Suit had a bad attitude. It was an accident. If he’d done something as simple as alerting me to his presence behind me, it wouldn’t have happened.
Past his looks, I knew who he was in name only, but our encounter showed me that it was more than enough.
“It was an accident. If anyone is at fault, it’s you for sneaking up on me.”
He glared down at me, taking in my stained shirt, and tsked.
“You are incompetent,” he sneered as he brushed a wet paper towel against his shirt.
The word repeated in my mind as I stared at him.
The day had been long, the challenges hard, and I had battle scars in the form of the discoloration of my shirt to prove it.
The vein on my forehead throbbed, and the anger that simmered under my frustration of the day boiled over.
I’d had a shit day, and he was the icing on that cake. Icing I didn’t want. I already had formula, mustard, and coffee.
Fuck. Him.
I narrowed my gaze at him before extending my arm and tipping my cup, splashing another dark stain onto the very expensive, fitted suit he filled out so well.
“Oops.” I smiled, watching the brown soak into the white of his dress shirt before heading to the doorway where January was standing, a detergent pen in her hand, jaw dropped as she witnessed what just happened.
“Thanks,” I said as I snatched the pen from her, ignoring the death glare being burned into the back of my head.
Well, my day didn’t get better, but I sure felt better after that.


K.I. Lynn is the USA Today Bestselling Author from The Bend Anthology and the Amazon Bestselling Series, Breach. She spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn’t until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about. 

Since she began posting stories online, she’s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination…or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain… Usually it’s cheese.


Release blitz - Ashes by Gail Haris

♦ ♦ ♦

All that remains are ashes…

 Fighting fires is in his blood. It’s more than a job—it’s part of who Carter Collins is. Everything was going according to plan until one fateful night. Now with only his brothers at the Sunnyville Fire Department and his grandmother to answer to, Collins is content with life the way it is—but then she comes along.

Natalia Vasquez took a position at the Sunnyville Hospital to leave her old life behind with hopes to escape the permanent ache in her chest. When a fire destroys her apartment, a strikingly handsome firefighter comes to her rescue.

With no choice but to move again, Natalia isn’t thrilled to find that the heroic ass is her new neighbor.

Will the tension burning between them be enough to rekindle the ashes that smolder inside of them?


♦ ♦ ♦






♦ ♦ ♦



 There’s the sweet, lovely Lolly, but with her is that pendejo from last night who automatically assumed I was illegal and didn’t speak English. I raise my chin up and enter the room. I’m a professional, after all. Lolly deserves my attention and to get the best care, so I’m going to focus only on her.

Lolly is sitting on the bed and perks up when she sees me, “Natalia! I’m so lucky to get you again. How are you?”

Giving her a wide smile and keeping my eyes completely focused on only her, I walk to stand next to her on the opposite side of the pinche idiota firefighter who is looking ruggedly handsome in blue jeans and a fitted T-shirt. “I’m well, thank you. I’m glad to see you, but I’m concerned to see you here again. Are you still having issues with your blood pressure?”

“I fainted again. I think I overworked myself. I got up early this morning to feed the birds, and then I got to messin’ with my flower bed…”

“Lolly, I told you I’d handle the yard stuff. I was coming over.”

“I know, but I’m not an invalid, Carter!”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“You were implying it!”

“No…no, I was not. Stop putting words in my mouth and listen.”

“Don’t you take that tone with me! You think because you’re six four now that you can speak to your grandmother with that tone?”

Grandmother? This sweet woman? “I’m surprised such a sweet lady as yourself has this for a grandson.” As soon as the words are out, I cringe. Oh no, no. So not professional.

Lolly beams. “Oh, Natalia, you are my favorite around here. I don’t even like the hospital, but you more than make up for it.”

“Natalia…wait a minute.” Two large hands grab my shoulders and spin me around. What the hell? Carter leans down so we’re face to face. “It’s you! Natalia Vasquez.”

Vasquez. And si señor. I help her, yes?” I give him a condescending smirk.

He drops his hands and stands up straighter. “You speak English.” He looks me up and down, I notice his eyes linger longer on my curves. “And you’re a nurse?”

“Registered Nurse, thank you very much.” I cock an eyebrow. I’m normally not hung up on titles. But he’s insulted me, and he needs to know what a fool he’s been. “Surprised?”

“To find you? Yes. That you’re a beautiful, educated woman in a career for helping others? No.”

I laugh. I actually burst out laughing. “You don’t even know me! Nice try at redeeming yourself from being an assuming, egotistical man last night.”

“I–I– ”

Lolly slides off the bed and comes to stand between us, “What is she talking about, Carter?”

I cross my arms and raise a brow at him again. He huffs. “Last night there was a fire at Natalia’s apartment.”

“My goodness, Natalia! Are you all right, sweetheart? How frightening.” Lolly turns back to her grandson, “But what did you do? You saved her, right?”

Firefighter Douche puffs out his strong chest, “Yes, I did.” He narrows his eyes at me. “I saved her.” He looks back at his grandmother. “Then I tried to check on her and she wouldn’t speak to me. She would only address the EMT in Spanish,” he cuts his eyes to mine, “so how was I supposed to know she knew any English? I was worried that you were in trouble or scared.”

I slowly nod my head and bite my bottom lip. “Yes, yes, I was. I was in trouble and also scared because my apartment was collapsing above my head and fire was raining down.



♦ ♦ ♦



Read the First Chapter HERE!


♦ ♦ ♦


Gail Haris believes in fairytales, love, and laughter as the best medicine.

She was born and raised in a small town in the Midwest. After graduating with a degree in Mass Communications, Gail went on adventures traveling in America and Europe.

But her favorite adventures are the ones where she gets lost in a book.

Her love for reading and traveling lead her to attend book conventions. Those conventions gave her the encouragement she needed to combine her passion for creativity and storytelling. Using coffee and her imagination, she loves writing contemporary romances that blend laughter and true love out of every day chaos.

When Gail isn’t day dreaming in front of her computer, she’s busy raising her two daughters with the man of her dreams. She loves traveling with her family, binge watching television series with her husband, singing Disney songs with her daughters, and having huge family and friends get-togethers that involve lots of food and usually a cake.

She hopes by following her own dream of becoming an author, she can set an example to her daughters that dreams can become a reality. Maybe she can encourage you too.

Never stop believing in love, dreams, and yourself. And coffee…don’t give up on coffee and books ;)


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