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Release blitz - Ruthless heart by Eve L. Michell



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Ruthless Heart eCover - final (4)

She is his enemy. He is her nightmare.

 Three football stars who have it all: looks, money, talent and the world at their feet. No one messes with the Devils. You’re either with them or against them…and you’d have to be stupid to be against them. 

 Ava isn’t stupid, but one night of being in the wrong place at the right time is coming back to haunt her. One of the Santo boys—Jett—is out for blood. Specifically, her blood. Thankfully, he doesn’t know who she is, and Ava plans to keep it that way. 

  Sophomore year threatens to stop Jett's progression to the championships and, more importantly, his plan to play in the NFL. All because of some mystery blonde. But he has a plan: find the threat and eliminate the threat. Jett is ruthless in his pursuit to find the girl who threatens his career. 

 They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and neither is prepared for the consequences when they cross that line.

 Three guys, three girls, one game. Are you ready to meet the Devils?



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As I slipped into the auditorium, I saw Professor Matson had already launched into Romeo and Juliet. The lights were dimmed as she used the overhead projector, and thankful for the cover of darkness, I quietly made my way to the back seats. Stealthily, I spotted an empty seat second to last row, and with more grace than I knew I had, I lowered myself into the chair, dropping my bag at my feet. 

 My cry of surprise as I sat on a person echoed off the walls, stopping Professor Matson in her stride. A hundred pairs of eyes swiveled to look at me as the professor strode across the room and flicked on the lights. 

 Jett Santo grinned back at me as he straightened, fixing his jeans before he casually flung his arm against the back of my intended chair. Wordlessly, I noticed the girl, who had been half draped over the chair beside him, slipping off the seat and scuttling along the aisle, trying to keep out of sight as her friends giggled at her and covered her as she reached them. 

 “What is going on?” Professor Matson demanded. 

 Jett raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow as he looked at me in question. What the hell was I going to say? 

 “Speak!” the professor demanded. 

 “I…” I swallowed past my building fury and turned to the professor, my hands raised in supplication. “I thought I saw a rat.” Technically speaking, I wasn’t lying. 



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Eve L. Mitchell is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and urban fantasy. 

 Being an avid reader from a young age, Eve still considers herself to be a reader first. She believes there is nothing better than getting that new book either on your e-reader or in your hands, and the fact she may bring that excitement to a fellow reader, fills her with wonder. She writes under a pen name because otherwise her Secret Agent status will be revoked. 

 Eve lives in the North East of Scotland, with her three coffee machines and her significant other, Mr. M. She enjoys NFL Football, music and having long conversations with the voices in her head, which sometimes turn into the stories she writes.


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Thursday, 10 June 2021

Excerpt reveal - Devil may care by Amelia Wilde


DEVIL MAY CARE (The Devil Trilogy #3) by Amelia Wilde

Release Date: June 15th


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        EXCERPT Ashley bites her lip to try and stifle a whimper. My teeth click together under the pressure of my jaw. “You should be embarrassed,” I hiss at her. “Riding my fingers while you cry about your daddy.”   Tears run silent down her face, and she whimpers again. It's half-moan now, but Ashley swallows hard and lifts her chin. “I can miss him,” she manages, “and want you.”   "Don't," I growl into her face, thrusting my fingers with more force, unable to stop. “Don’t pretend it’s me you want. Don’t lie to yourself.”   I press a thumb to her clit and Ashley shudders.   “I’m the only one who’s being honest.” Her breath hitches with every word. “You’re the liar. You say you’re an evil villain, and you’re not. You say you’re only keeping me here because you want—you want—” I’m coaxing a mean orgasm out of her and it’s working. Ashley isn’t doing a fucking thing to stop me. She’s only getting hotter and wetter. “Because you want money, and you want to see me cry. But it’s not true.”   “It’s all true. And you get off on it. Princesses like you always do. You’re filthy little things who leave before sunrise at the next port.”   Hurt flashes in her eyes and echoes through me, but I’m too far gone to take it back, to tell her the truth—that in all the ports I’ve visited around the world, there’s been no one like her. That I give Nicholas such unholy shit for his girl back home because I don’t have one. It’s been years since I brought a woman on board with me. There was no one before Ashley. And after she’s gone—   “You don’t know anything about women like me.” Ashely sets her jaw and tilts her hips to get more pressure on her clit.   She’s wrong. I don’t know anything about anything. Right now I’m a hurricane that’s about to make landfall. I’m a twisting spiral of wind and rain and screaming steel. “I don’t care about women like you.”   Her chin lifts, and I’ve never seen anything so hot in my whole fucking life. Defiance, while her hips work and her pussy clenches around my fingers. “I want this.”   “No, you don’t. You’re taking what’s available—”   With a frustrated groan she arches in my grip, getting just enough leverage to find more points of contact. Ashley’s lips meet mine in a bite hard enough to break skin. “You said to decide after this is over,” she says, tightening around my fingers. “It’s never—it’s never going to be over.” She can hardly breathe for how she’s panting. The poor little rich girl does like it rough. “I don’t care what you say. I don’t care how mean you are. I’m not changing my mind.”        


What is a pirate without his ship? Without the sea? I sacrificed everything to save Ashley. Now we’re hiding out while I build a new ship, a new life for myself. It’s paradise here on the island. Sparkling water and lush greenery. A beautiful woman by my side. But the threat of danger grows closer. The net tightens. We’re at risk every second we stay here, but there’s nowhere to run. Even the ocean won’t save us now. Devil May Care is the third book in the Devil trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and A Deal with the Devil must be read first.          

About the Author:

Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.


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Release blitz - Something like hate by Harloe Rae

  SOMETHING LIKE HATE by Harloe Rae Release date: June 10th Genre/Tropes: Enemies-to-lovers/Billionaire Romance/Office Romance   A sizzling all-new enemies-to-lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Harloe Rae where a billionaire CEO battles against a snarky redhead who has her own agenda.   Add to Goodreads:   MAKE SURE TO ENTER HARLOE’S NEW RELEASE GIVEAWAY!! ENTER HERE:     AVAILABLE NOW!!! FREE IN KU! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU:     Blurb: A sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Harloe Rae where a billionaire CEO battles against a snarky redhead who has her own agenda.   “I’d say it’s nice to meet you, but I’ve never been a good liar.” That’s his initial offense against me. Don’t worry—there’s plenty more where that came from.   Landon Winters is colder than his last name suggests. Cruel and callous too. I’m certain he finds pleasure in making others miserable.   He’s a billionaire by his own making—not satisfied with simply inheriting a white collar and silver spoon. Landon's arrogance is so thick I could choke on the stench alone. He’s also responsible for gouging a jaded chip into my shoulder.   The only saving grace is never having to see him again. Wishful thinking is a fickle beast.   My boss just announced that Landon is my latest client. I’ll need to impress him or kiss my promotion goodbye. Either way, this is my chance to get even.   Revenge is all I see. The price for redemption is steep. Landon will pay a small fortune in humiliation. And I’ll walk away filthy rich in vindication.       About the Author: Harloe Rae is a USA Today & Amazon Top 10 best-selling author. Her passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is an unforgettable adventure. She’s a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. There’s nothing quite like an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and son. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her horses. Harloe’s books include the Reclusive series, Watch Me Follow, the #BitterSweetHeat series, Ask Me Why, the Silo Springs series, Left for Wild, Leave Him Loved, and Something Like Hate. These titles are available on Amazon.   Connect w/ Harloe: Website: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: Goodreads: BookBub: Amazon: NL Signup:      

Pre-order blitz - Perfect escape by Cary Hart


Perfect Escape, Mason Creek Book Six (Standalone), a Second Chance, Small Town Romance by Cary Hart releases on June 17th!

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When looking for a place to nurse my broken heart, Mason Creek is the picture-perfect escape... 

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life walking down the aisle. Thankfully, I caught the groom with his pants around his ankles and my bridesmaid around his waist before I said, “I do.” 

My best friends kidnap me and take me away to a cabin in the middle of nowhere Montana. They convince me trespassing and skinny dipping are both acceptable remedies for a broken heart. Turns out, the owner of the property found our little excursion unacceptable...and amusing as hell. 

After my douche of an ex calls to rain on my non-honeymoon parade, I decide to stick around Mason Creek while I figure things out.

I had no idea accepting a temporary job at Dream Big Realty would land me face to face with none other than Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Not Pressing Charges. 

Falling for him and his adorable daughter is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. But competing with old flames makes me wonder if this town is big enough for the both of us. 

Small town life was supposed to be a brief Band-Aid, then sexy, single dad Grady gives me a reason to stay…and a second chance at happiness.

12 Books by 12 Bestselling Authors, all tied together by one fictional small town. All available on Kindle Unlimited.

Welcome to Mason Creek, Montana.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Release blitz - The virgin game plan by Lauren Blakely

  THE VIRGIN GAME PLAN (Rules of Love #2) by Lauren Blakely Release Date: June 9th   Add to Goodreads:   Falling for the coach’s daughter wasn’t part of the game plan...   THE VIRGIN GAME PLAN, an all-new steamy, swoony standalone from #1 NYT Bestseller Lauren Blakely is NOW LIVE! Grab this forbidden sports romance TODAY!   AVAILABLE NOW!!! Kindle ➜ Apple ➜ Nook ➜ Kobo ➜ Google ➜ ✦Audible (Narrated by Jason Clarke & Ava Erickson) AVAILABLE NOW!!! Kindle ➜ Apple ➜ Nook ➜ Kobo ➜ Google ➜ ✦Audible (Narrated by Jason Clarke & Ava Erickson) Blurb: A forbidden romance with the coach's daughter wasn't part of my game plan. I had an excuse two years ago when I met her on campus. She interviewed me for a story on major league baseball's rising stars, and we shared a hot, passionate night that ended far too soon, and without a mention of who her father was. Now I know the innocent but sexy woman I can't stop thinking about is the coach's daughter. That means her dad is the guy who determines if I bat fourth in the starting lineup in every game, or ride the bench. All the more reason to resist alluring, confident, brainy Reese every time I run into the reporter-turned-sports publicist. That ought to be easy enough, until the time she confesses she's still carrying her V card, and she's been wanting me to cash it in since the day we met. Staying away from her is going to be harder than resisting a fastball down the middle. Especially since I'm pretty sure she's the one who got away, and letting her slip through my fingers again would be a rookie mistake. About Lauren Blakely: A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s sweet, sexy and witty. She also writes red-hot, sexy romance and USA Today bestselling LGBTQ romance.   With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, with more than 50 titles on the USA Today Bestsellers list alone. She’s sold more than 4 million books. She likes dogs, cake and show tunes. Connect w/Lauren: Website: NL Signup: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:  

Blog tour - Memories of you by J. Kenner

Memories of You, an all new sexy second chance Stark Security novella from New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner and 1,001 Dark Nights, is out now!

Hollywood consultant Renly Cooper is fed up with relationships. His recent breakup with a leading lady played out across the tabloids, and the former Navy Seal is more than ready to focus on his new position as an agent at the elite Stark Security agency. He’s expecting international stakes. Instead, his first assignment is to protect one of Damien Stark’s friends from a stalker. A woman who, to his delight, turns out to be one of his closest childhood friends.

After a foray into online dating puts tech genius Abby Jones in danger, she needs a bodyguard, and her business partner, Nikki Fairchild Stark, enlists help from Stark Security. When the assigned agent turns out to be her best friend from junior high—and her first crush—she’s thrilled to discover he’s even more delicious now. She hopes one sexy night can turn into more, but Renly is firmly in the friends-with-benefits camp.

As the threat to Abby increases, she tries to keep her growing feelings for Renly at bay. But as the sparks between them burn even hotter, can they go from friends to lovers when the first order of business is simply to keep Abby alive?

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Office work space with camera, notebook, eyepieces, and pen. On a wooden surface. Top view. Free space for your text.

Grab yours today exclusively on Amazon!
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In the rearview mirror, I watch as he gets off the bike, then walks toward me across the lot. I get out and meet him at the rear of the car. 

“I haven’t got a single quarter,” he says. “Do you?”

I laugh. “Not a one. But I do have a credit card.” I’m about to walk over to that side and start the system running, but he gets there first, sliding in his card and then grinning at me as the machinery starts rumbling. 

This particular car wash has a hose on each side of the stall. I’ve always assumed that was so that you don’t have to drag a dirty hose over your newly cleaned half in order to wash the other side. Now I consider another purpose. 

Renly apparently has the same thought, because I see the gleam in his eyes as he goes to the far side, then grabs the coiled hose, his hand poised on the nozzle. 

“Don’t you even think about it,” I say, going for my own hose.

His eyes widen, all innocent and guileless. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

I burst out laughing. Then, still laughing, I pull the trigger on my own hose and spray him, accidentally getting him full-on in the crotch.

“Seriously?” he says. “Sweetheart, you are so going to pay for that.”

“Phhbbt.” I dance away from the spray he aims at me.  “I would have thought someone in the military would have a faster reaction time.” 

He aims again, and this time manages to completely soak the T-shirt I’d worn to work this morning. “Hey!” I protest. “This is a genuine discount bin Old Navy T-shirt. How dare you defile it?”

“Well, it fits you very nicely,” he says, letting his eyes skim over me in what I know is an exaggerated leer. 

I glance down, realizing that since I knew I was going to be the only one in the office today, I hadn’t bothered to wear a bra. That’s something I can usually get away with, but in a wet T-shirt, even my barely-B-cup breasts look pretty perky.

I roll my eyes. “Perv.”

“I apologize for nothing.”

About J. Kenner

J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over one hundred novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

Though known primarily for her award-winning and international bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit.

JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for them.” A six time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy) and in 2017 for Wicked Dirty in the same category. Her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series (as Julie Kenner) is currently in development as a television show.

Her books have sold over three million copies and are published in over twenty languages.

In her previous career as an attorney, JK worked as a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and practiced primarily civil, entertainment and First Amendment litigation in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, as well as in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and two rather spastic cats.

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