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Series blitz & Cover reveal - A sinfully tempting series by Alexia Chase

A Sinfully Tempting Series
Author: Alexia Chase
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Francessca's PR & Designs
Photos: Lindee Robinson


Can the taste of her treats tempt her best friend’s brother?


Not those kinds of treats! Okay… well… maybe those too.

See…. I’m a baker. A damn good one too. A sweet one…. see the irony? Except, my jerk of an ex-boyfriend made a $500 bet to pluck my cherry (and not the pastry kind).

I’m not so sweet now because I’m out for revenge. And I’ve got just the perfect hot fireman in mind…. my best friend’s brother.


She’s my sister’s best friend. That’s a no-go, right? Not to mention I’m not good enough for sugar that sweet.

But now her sweet just got a little spicey with her plot for revenge.

A few fake dates lead to kisses that threaten to burn down the kitchen.

And now I’m obsessed with baked goods and the woman who makes them.

But can my spicey and her sweet mix?

Told in dual povs, The Bet is a standalone fiery best friend’s brother contemporary romance part of Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.


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Can a football player win on and off the field?


My brother's best friend. He was my first love.... and my first heartbreak.

After my high school graduation, his pickup was our Hilton. Everything was perfect…. or so I thought. Until the prick told his friends that I was a lousy lay.

He can go screw himself.


I’m the guy who had it all…. for one night. And then I lost her with no explanation. Not just lost her, she hates me now.

So, I fought back with indifference until an argument between us went viral, and the next thing I knew we were stuck together until my next contract is signed.

Good thing I'm not going to fall for our fake engagement. Famous last words.

Told in dual pov's. The Contract is a standalone enemies-to-lovers romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.


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Can a quarterback put the game on the sidelines for love?


I don’t date football players. Been there, done that, WAY over it. Considering I'm around players all day as a trainer, you'd think that would be hard. But heck, after my ex trashed my self-esteem, I don’t date at all. I'm just here to prepare football players for game day.


I live for game day. No distractions, including sex. I’ve got my eye on the prize, and it's not the kind between the sheets.

I need someone to keep the crazies away, and Dani is the perfect woman for the job.... until our fake date goes a little too well.

Now, I want it all. But I was one play away from the big dance last year. I can’t have both dreams, can I?

Told in dual pov's, The Game is a standalone flirty, fun, and little spicy contemporary romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.



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Can a big city girl love some country?


When I catch my first glimpse of the big belt-buckle toting, lifted pickup truck driving football player, his mouth rubs me the wrong way. Okay, his smart mouth rubs my brain the wrong way. The rest of me likes him just fine.

But as the new team dietician, I can’t mix business with pleasure. Besides, I'm all city and he's all country. We can't mix, right?


The second I set my eyes on the pencil skirt wearing, too-good-for-me pixie, I’m intrigued. She thinks we have nothing in common.

It’s my mission to prove her wrong. In all the right ways.

Too bad there are a couple of things standing in the way.... or are they?

Why do secrets make it so much hotter?

Told in dual pov's, The Secret is a standalone opposites-attract, forbidden contemporary romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.



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Can the football player be the one his best friend's sister needs?


My ex-husband was a controlling and abusive piece of.... You get the point. I was lucky I escaped with my daughter, Joselyn, vowing she'll never experience the kind of life he gave.

Now that I'm free, I only see one man – my brother’s best friend. But he wouldn’t notice me if I bent over in front of him with my ass in the air. I should know, I tried it.


I play offense, ironic, really, because I'd die defending my best friend's sister and her little girl. But that's all I can do because I'm not good enough for the two of them as anything more, no matter how much I want that. My biological father has spent his life in and out of prison, and my mom was killed when I was a teen.

Veronica is finally free, but she doesn't need that kind of baggage.

But when Veronica’s ex comes around, maybe my kind of baggage is just what she needs. I’ll destroy myself defending them.

Told in dual pov's, The Defender is a standalone wounded hero, best friend’s sister romance set in the Alexia Chase Sinfully Addictive World.



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Can the football player score her heart when neither knows just who the players are?


New town, new job, new shoes.... new lies.

I'm tired of being the good girl my dad expects me to be. He has no idea I’m waitressing at a bar. So when a sexy stranger saves me from a handsy drunk, I don’t tell him who I am.


I'm a player. Correction. I'm a player on the field and an ex-player in the sheets. Too bad my reputation proceeds me because my friends are making the settled down life sound darn good right now.

So when I save a sweet - and hot - girl who doesn’t know who I am, I don't tell her. For once, I'm not the player everyone thinks I am.

Turns out I'm not the only one lying about who I am....and the worst part? My coach is going to destroy me.

Told in dual pov's, The Lie is a standalone insta-attraction, forbidden contemporary romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.



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Can two star-crossed lovers get a second chance at love?


My best friend is madly in love. Good for her, bad for me.... because I’m stuck on a wedding planning trip with her brother, aka, the boy who broke my heart four years ago after an amazing night under the stars. Only, he’s not such a boy anymore.

All that hotness.... what a waste.


The last person I want to spend the day with is my sister’s best friend, the girl who broke my heart. Four years ago, she was my whole world.

Turns out she was seeing someone else, so I hurt her like she'd hurt me. I told her she meant nothing to me and walked away. But I’ve never actually moved on.

Which is why finding out she was never actually seeing someone else changes everything.

But no matter what I do to right the past, the stars just won't align.

Told in dual pov's, The Stars is a standalone second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.



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Can a broken woman put back the pieces of this widowed dad's heart?


I was hired as the first female assistant football coach for my new team. Yay me, right?

Too bad there's at least one player that doesn't take me seriously. I'm downright not welcome.

Sucks for him because I'm not going anywhere. Between living in this man's world and my divorce, I'm done taking crap from others, especially when it comes from him.

I just have to ignore my ovaries when he hugs his kids so sweetly or when he looks hotter-than-sin just by existing.

Should be easy....


Isabella is a distraction. Not for me, of course, but for the team. Yeah, okay, fine, for me too. But I have three kids and no time for a personal life.

A hook-up. That's all it is between us. Then why I can't I get her off my mind? What if she's the one person that can fix my broken heart?

Told in dual pov's, The Broken is a standalone second chance romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.



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Can a baby contract between friends lead to love?


My life is a mess. You can thank my parents for that. Well them, their drugs, neglect, and manipulation to boot. They're the poster children for why some folks shouldn't have kids, and you wouldn't catch me bringing a kid with my baggage into this world.

That's why my ex was perfect. He didn't want kids. Apparently he didn't want me either.
The jerk cleaned me out, and now the bank is knocking on my door.


I don’t do relationships. I simply don't have time. I’ve spent too much of it working to get ahead.

Now, my father is threatening to take everything away if I don't get married.

Lucky for me, I've got a plan. And the plan's name is Haven. My friend, my fake relationship, and the perfect surrogate - once I convince her, of course.

But with nine months to go, things suddenly don't feel so fake.... and I don't think I want them to be. Now I must convince her she’s the one for me.

We belong together – me, her, and our baby.

Told in dual pov's, The Surrogate is a standalone friends-to-lovers, fake relationship contemporary romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.



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Releasing January 26

Can the passion be contained with a Wednesdays Only Deal?


That's it. I'm done. No more dating.

Between catching my cop, ex-boyfriend in a compromising position, a first date from hell – where I thankfully didn’t go to jail, I'm so done with men, and cops especially.

Except.... Mr. Blue Eyes has a proposition I can't refuse.


A crazy stalker ex is enough to make any man give up on dating.

But what about a Wednesdays Only Arrangement between me and the woman with the crimson shoes?

She's gorgeous, funny, smart, and won't date another cop. I think I've met the perfect woman. Did I mention I was a cop?

What could possibly go wrong with a Wednesdays Only Deal?

Told in dual povs, The Deal is a standalone fire-meets-fire instant attraction rom-com set in the Alexia Chase's Sinfully Addictive World.




Alexia Chase is a steamy contemporary romance author who specializes in visual stories set in an interconnected world.

If you love stepping into a place that feels like home where familiar people, places, and things welcome you with open arms, then you’re in the right place.

Ms. Chase pens everything from short stories to novels with heroes from bartenders to billionaires.

What can you find between the pages? Heavy doses of snark, sinful fun, smut, and happily ever afters.

Come inside. They’re waiting for you.

Where can you find Ms. Chase when she’s not writing? Ms. Chase lives in a small community outside of Kansas City, Missouri. She spends her free time with her husband, three children, and two dogs and loves to spin stories in her head. She’s an avid learner and never far from her computer. Just ask her children. They have plenty to say about her excessive computer usage.


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Release blitz - The long road home by Bethany-Kris


by Bethany-Kris These Valley Days, #1 Publication Date: January 17, 2022 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Small Town, Canadians

Amazon: Amazon CA: Amazon UK: Amazon AU:


Crying into an iced coffee in front of a stranger isn’t high on anyone’s priority list but …

Gracen Briggs has history in this valley—deep roots, dead dreams, and an ex whose smiling face she sees plastered all over town, every single day.

Wonderful, right?

Malachi Anders left things unfinished here, too. All his trouble and traumas … God knows he already spent too much time trying to leave it behind.

He never wanted to come back.

She can’t find a way out.

Welcome to the valley.

It’s a long road home.


Somewhere along the foggy Acadian Peninsula of northern New Brunswick sits a small valley town with more than one secret being whispered up and down its sleepy streets. These Valley Days features standalone couples, and every book brings someone—new or old—back home where they belong. With a HEA, of course.

Visit to learn more.


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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Cover reveal - To lose you by N. Isabelle Blanco

    TO LOSE YOU by N. Isabelle Blanco Release Date: February 15th Series: Allure # 3 Cover Design by Pretty in Ink Creations Genre: Contemporary Romance   A conclusion almost a decade in the making…   Originally a top 100 Amazon Erotica Bestseller, the Allure trilogy is finally getting its long, overdue conclusion on February 15th!   Add to Goodreads:   Release Alert Signup:   Start the series with TO WANT YOU #1!!!   TO HAVE YOU #2   Blurb:
“I was a God back then. Untouchable. Consequences didn’t apply to me. It was my right to do whatever I wanted—I never thought it would eventually cost me the one woman I’d ever fallen in love with.”
I should’ve just told her everything from day one.
Not that it would have mattered. I always knew it’d be too much.
That the dirt of my past would ruin us.
I can’t blame her for leaving me. For the pain everything caused her.
If I were a nice guy, I’d let her go.
Maybe I’m an evil bastard, but whatever the fuck it takes, that woman will return to me.
“You think you know someone’s reputation—then you find out it’s so much dirtier than you imagined.”
My soul is addicted. Living without him is impossible.
Five months of having him and it feels like I’ve never lived without him at all.
Now, I’ll have to learn. Will have to rip him out of my being.
Or I can choose to suffer through the struggle.
To fight.
To accept the pain in order to keep him.
To go up against everyone standing in our way.
Including my own father.
  About the Author: Isabelle Blanco is the Amazon Bestselling Author of the Allure Series, the Need Series with K.I.Lynn, and many others. At the age of three, due to an odd fascination with studying her mother's handwriting, she began to read and write. By the time she'd reached kindergarten, she had an extensive vocabulary and her obsession with words began to bleed into every aspect of her life.   That is, until coffee came a long and took over everything else.   Nowadays, N. spends most of her days surviving the crazy New York rush and arguing with her characters every ten minutes or so, all in the hopes of one day getting them under control.   Sign up for N. Isabelle Blanco’s Newsletter and receive a free book: ​​   Connect with the Author: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: Goodreads: Amazon: Bookbub: NL Signup:
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Release blitz - Make me yours by Marie Johnston

Title: Make Me Whole
Series: Oil Barrons #1
Author: Marie Johnston
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2022


I had a perfect life. Schoolteacher. Married to my high school sweetheart. Little starter house that we called charming but was really just old. All I needed was the two-point-five kids and I’d be living my perfect dream. Then my husband died.

After the funeral, I had a breakdown that lasted for a month…or twelve. But now I’m reemerging, healing, finding my way. It’s time to learn who I am now, and whether or not I can fix a leaky sink. And by my side, the entire time, is my husband’s best friend, Liam. The single dad knows a thing or two about personal struggles, and about how to replace faucets.

With Liam, I feel alive again. Confident. Capable. Liam has become my best friend too. Except if my parents, my in-laws, and the rest of the town had any say, I’d stay far away from him and his bad boy reputation.

How do I admit to them what’s so hard to admit to myself? That I’m starting to look at him like he’s more than a friend. That the heat in his eyes when he looks at me is far beyond friendly. That like it or not, Liam makes me feel whole again.




Blinking to adjust to the dimmer light, it wasn’t hard to find Liam. Sparks flew from the far corner, where the light from the open door had the hardest time penetrating.
The torch Liam held went dark. He flipped his face shield up so it rested on top of his head. “Hey. That time already? The afternoon got away from me.”
He set his equipment on the work bench by the hunk of metal he’d been working on. He slapped his thick gloves down and took the face shield off. Then he shrugged out of his well-worn leather apron.
I blinked again, but it had nothing to do with lighting. His long-sleeved blue T-shirt with the logo of a bar and grill in Williston was plastered to his chest and back. A smattering of singe holes gathered around the collar and a few tiny ones on the sleeves where the apron didn’t reach. Liam adjusted his shoulders like he was trying to dislodge the fabric from his skin, but all the move did was make his muscles ripple.
I’d known Liam wasn’t the same lanky kid from high school, but I’d never had proof like this.
He ran a hand through his hair—same effect. Biceps bulging and rippling muscle.
My brain snapped a picture, like someday I might need to reference the type of man that could get my libido going again.
Which I wasn’t looking for. Dating wasn’t on my radar, much less…activities beyond that.
Although recently I’d been thinking… I gave myself a mental shake. My therapist said there was nothing wrong with thinking about dating someday. Nothing wrong with dating itself. Nothing wrong with not being ready. Nothing wrong with dating while still not feeling ready. I hadn’t reached that point yet. And I didn’t have to think about it at Liam’s.


Releasing May 17



Marie Johnston writes paranormal and contemporary romance. She also works as a medical laboratory scientist and has worked as a public health microbiologist. Depending on the situation, she can be oddly unconcerned about germs or weirdly phobic. Marie’s been a volunteer EMT, a college instructor, a security guard, a phlebotomist, a hotel clerk, and a coffee pourer in a bingo hall. All fodder for a writer!! She has a husband, four kids, and even more cats.


Monday, 17 January 2022

Cover re release - Heartless boss by J.M. Stoneback

Title: Heartless Boss
Series: A New York Night #1
Author: J.M. Stoneback
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Office Romance
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Release Date: March 17, 2019


Work. Drink. F*ck. Repeat.

I don't need anything else... not until she walks back into my life.

Gia Gallagher is my new personal assistant, but we go way back.

Back to when we both fell hard, and I broke us.

Except now, I want her even more.

But I'm not the man I used to be.

I'm heartless now. A boss.

And she's nothing but an employee.

Unless I break all of my rules... for her.

This book was previously published as Chasing Gun. This book is a complete STANDALONE and part of The New York Night Series.


FREE for a limited time!


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“I don’t understand why you’re trying to hide this from me. You’re beautiful, Gia. Everything about you is, from the way you say random facts to the way you like to have the last word. The scars on your body don’t take away from your beauty. If a person doesn’t like your scars then fuck them. Means they’re a piece of shit anyway.”

Then he bends down and presses his warm lips against my pale scars like his kiss is rewriting history. His kisses send a message to my scars that I’m the most beautiful woman in the world, despite my imperfect body.

It’s okay to have battle scars, and he accepts every inch of me. I wipe the tears with the back of my hand. He scoops me up by my butt. I wrap my legs around his waist and he rains kisses on my face as if he’s kissing my soul.

His mouth breaks from mine and he chuckles. “I should punish you for being a liar.”


J.M. writes contemporary and dark mafia romance. She lives in Georgia, with her three boys and her husband. Her hobbies consist of reading, playing video games, and spending time with her family.