Thursday 24 June 2021

Pre-order blast - Perfect summer by Bethany Lopez


Perfect Summer, Mason Creek Book Seven (Standalone), a Second Chance, Single Parent Romance by Bethany Lopez releases on July 1st!

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Coming back to Mason Creek was never the plan...

When Faith left her small town after high school, she swore she'd never look back. But life and hard circumstances eventually opened her eyes, sending her back to Mason Creek a different person. Now a single mom, she wants to give her daughter a good life, even if it means facing the ghosts of her past…and the man she left behind.

Moving on had never been an option...

When Faith left Mason Creek, she took Mitch’s heart with her. Over a decade has passed and he’s never moved on, unable to forgive the girl who left him. Now she’s back, and there’s no avoiding her in a town as small as Mason Creek. The memories of their young love war with the new feelings she stirs within him, once again putting his heart at risk.

They were each other's first loves, first kisses, and first heartbreaks, and the damage between them runs deep. Will their reunion end with even more devastation or will it turn into a Perfect Summer?

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“Faith. Dirty Chai.”

I put my phone in my back pocket and moved to get my drink. 

“What’s a Dirty Chai?”

I froze and my breath caught in my throat at the man’s voice behind me. 

It couldn’t be. I’d been successfully dodging my ex since the move, which was a small miracle in itself. Please tell me I wasn’t about to be caught off guard with a dozen pairs of eyes watching. 

But of course that’s exactly what was about to happen. It was Mason Creek after all, and it wouldn’t be home if half the town wasn’t there to witness the queen laying eyes for the first time on her rejected king.

“Hey, Faith,” Mitch said easily, although the expression in his eyes was anything but.

“Hi, Mitch,” I replied warily. 

Guess my chickens had finally come to roost.

Welcome to Mason Creek, Montana. 
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