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Cover reveal - Pops - The heads of rejects MC book2by Screaming Miimi

TITLE: POPS: The Hades Rejects MC Book 2
Author: Screaming Mimi
Cover Artist: Shelton Cole of SC Cover-Up
Release Date: May 2018


Life is hard when you’re the president of an MC, you’re responsible not only for yourself but, for all your members. It’s my job to keep them safe, no matter the costs.

Beth grew up in an MC, she knows what it’s like for women inside the club, she refuses to let that be her. When her past comes back to haunt her, she must figure out a way to remain the independent woman she is.

Castor Stone knew as soon as Beth Diaz pulled a gun on him that his life would never be the same. Danger haunts her, and Castor is determined her knight on a shiny black trike, only Beth is just as determined to keep him safe. Who will win this battle of wills, only time will tell.



Bart: The Hades Rejects Book #1 

I was a child prostitute, that is until I met the Hades Rejects and Bart. Then I became someone else, someone loved, someone cherished. I thought I could hide from who I was.
When Bliss was thrown at me I knew my life would never be the same. She deserved a man who could protect her, even if that meant taking out her father. I was going to be that man, one way or another.
You can't hide from the past forever, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes a little blood must be spilled to save the ones you love.

US / UK / CA / AU

Submitting to Fate

Fate can be a cruel mistress or a naughty prankster but it rules us all in some form or another.
 Logan finds himself at fates mercy when his fiancĂ©e leaves him at the altar for another man. Angered by the thought that he was willing to give up everything for "the one" only to have her toss him aside, he's determined not to let any woman make a fool of him again....ever. He chooses to take the honeymoon they were meant to go on, with the intentions of forgetting her forever. Walking into his hotel he finds Bella and something inside him shifts, but he won't accept it. No, he's through with women and their wiles.
Bella hopes for a great future with her fiancé. But another betrayal makes her swear herself off all men. Two broken hearts, two strangers with the same goal, keeping their hearts locked from any feeling. Will fate make them both submit? Will they learn how to love again?

 US UK / AU / CA

Conquering Fate

Henry isn’t the white knight in shining armor; no he’s the highly trained former Army Ranger ready to leap out at his enemies from the cover of darkness. He’s been hurt before but that doesn’t stop him from caring for all those around him like family.  
Elizabeth is headstrong and fiercely independent. She’s leery of any man willing to help her without an ulterior motive. 
Can Henry conquer her heart and show her that good men still exist? Will Elizabeth be able to conquer her fears and let Henry in? Could fate be at it again?

 US / AU / CA / UK

Fates Warrior
Former Army Ranger Martin Damien has only ever been able to trust his battle buddies, everyone else has failed him. From his parents who sold him for drugs to the foster care system that didn’t protect him from the women who used him, they have failed him. 
Even after Alexis’s prince charming turned out to be a toad in tin foil she still believes in happily ever after she just has to convince Martin it’s possible.  She’s stubborn, full of spirit, and willing to do whatever it takes to win the battle for his heart. When the past comes back to haunt her Martin is willing to do whatever it takes to protect, even if that means his own life.
Will her Warrior fight fate or will he submit to it?


US / CA / UK / AU

Fates Mistress

Gabby’s used to being in control, of everything. When fate takes control of her life and leaves her at the mercy of Doug, a former Army Ranger, things really spiral out of her control. She’s depending on Doug to keep her safe, what she didn’t count on was how he set her body on fire.
Doug’s known too much loss in his life, his family, his battle buddies, and his leg. He feels broken and unworthy of love. When he gets assigned to keep Gabby safe he knows he’s in trouble. From the moment he saw her, he’s wanted to possess her body and soul. 
Will she be able to look past his brokenness? 
Will he be able to make her relinquish control?
Only fate knows…

US / UK / CA / AU

Fates Assassins

Jack Gaston, and Steve MacMahon have known each other since childhood, but their true bond happened while serving in the Army together. Sharing has always come naturally to them, they are like two halves of a whole, and aren't afraid to admit it. The only problem, finding the perfect woman to complete them, little did they know fate was going to throw one at them when they least expected it.   Magdalena Garcia didn't know what hit her when she met two of the sexiest bodyguards a girl could ask for. They kept her safe, risked their lives for her, and kept her warm at night. But it was only supposed to be for fun, right? She wasn't supposed to fall in love with not just one, but both of them was she? The bigger question was, did they feel the same, or were they just playing with her?


AU / CA / UK / US


When millionaire Justin Wayne finds himself in need of help, he figured his girlfriend would step up and be there for him, instead he must turn to his maid for it. 
Dava Flores is a single mother, studying for her degree, just trying to make a life for her and her son, but when she sees Justin in trouble she doesn’t even hesitate to lend him a hand.
Justin isn’t used to someone helping him out without expecting something in return, even his gold digging girlfriend. 
Will Dava be able to help Justin break the chains his girlfriend has on him, or will Justin give in to her demands to fire Dava, and give her more money?

US / UK / CA / AU


Healing Me, Trusting Him

How do you recover from a childhood built on lies and betrayal?
How does a Marine heal from battle scars?
Marie is a wounded soul who grew up in a house of lies and betrayals by those who were supposed to protect and love her. Will she be able to find the healing she needs on a ranch in Montana?
Duece has healed on the outside from his wounds, but now he needs to heal the scars on the inside. Can he find the strength to win Marie's trust and heal them both?



Strippin’ Ain’t  Easy
All Miranda wanted to do was bust the bad guy and get the hell out of dodge, or the strip club as the case may be. She’s used to using men and throwing them away, because happily ever after wasn’t in her horizon.
Stephan and Bruno have known each other since they were kids, they like to share, EVERYTHING. Are they willing the share the one woman who could become their weakness? Will they be able to complete their mission and still be together?



Author Bio

Screaming Mimi lives in Texas with her husband, two girls, and two dogs. When she's not writing she's a domestic goddess who... dabbles in photography. She grew up as a military brat and went on to become a Army wife. She's loyal to a fault and cusses like a sailor when the fancy strikes her. She loves hearing from fans so email her at


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