Wednesday 20 April 2022

Teaser post - Corrupted pleasure by Eva Winners


by Eva Winners

TEASER REVEAL! Corrupted Pleasure by Eva Winners releases June 8!
You will submit to me.
Whenever I say.
Wherever I say.
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The first time I saw him, I knew I'd never want another man the way I wanted him.
The second time, I drank a bottle of his most expensive cognac, which I'd never be able to afford on my own.
And the third time… well, he caught me stealing from him.
Stealing from the head of the Irish Mafia wasn't smart. But then I never claimed to be.
Now I owed him a debt… a big one. And it couldn't be settled with money, or favors.
He only wanted one thing…
Me. Submitting to his darkest demands. Once the debt is settled he’ll let me go.
Except he is forbidden to me. Because if I were smart… I'd figure out another way to repay my best friend's father.


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