Friday 16 September 2022

Blog tour - Reckless sinner by Erika Wilde

He’ll do anything to secure their happily ever after.

Reckless Sinner, a forbidden mafia romance from New York Times bestselling author Erika Wilde is now available!

Growing up, I had sworn never to join the family mafia business.

Still, I knew too much and I had to, at the very least, be an associate for the Russo family. In the end, I was sent to law school. In an underworld of criminals, I was a necessary commodity—especially when my brothers had recently spilled so much blood and were currently under investigation.

I found myself watching out for everyone. Only, I never saw Delaney coming. She was the beautiful daughter of one of the partners at the firm where I worked. She was strictly off limits during a time when I couldn’t afford to be distracted.

She was also driven, determined, and refused to accept no for an answer. I never should have touched her, but once I had my first taste, I couldn’t let her go. Delaney stole my heart and I didn't even know I had one.

But things were about to get ugly. Her father was running for Attorney General, his goal to take down organized crime and end the mafia reign once and for all. And, my father and brothers were in his crosshairs.

There was no way Delaney and I would get a happy ending. No way we'd come out unscathed, especially when my father gives me a very specific job to do that could only end one way. . . with Delaney hating me.

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Keep reading for a look inside Reckless Sinner!

I tried to hold back with Delaney. I really fucking did.

The things I wanted to do to her—I wanted to pin her down and fuck her. I wanted her screaming my name and coming so hard she couldn’t even move afterwards. I wanted to bury myself into that sweet softness.

But I had always held back when it came to my sexual partners (few and far between though they were). I had fought for years against the more… base instincts that were inside me. I was a gentleman and I would be that way in every aspect. I wasn’t going to be that mafia son who just took what he wanted. There was a reason I didn’t sleep with women who just wanted that bad boy experience.

But Delaney wasn’t like those women. She thought I was good. She liked to listen to me ramble about my hobbies. And the way she looked at me the entire way to my apartment—it was like she’d been bowled over by her own lust. Like she couldn’t even handle the desire that raged inside of her. I’d never seen someone so completely at the mercy of their own want, like her lust was a wave crashing over her and dragging her under.

Honestly, it only made me want her even more. I wanted to manage her lust, mold it, help her to give it over to me. I could handle it, I could handle her, and fulfill everything she wanted. If she couldn’t even think straight, then I’d do the thinking for her.

Consume me. Did she even know how needy she sounded? How she trembled and shook, how pleading her eyes were? I had never let myself go and given into the fantasies I’d had—the fantasies of power and control, of domination—because I refused to be a fucking cliché. But Delaney wanted it so badly.

How could I refuse her?

I pulled her into the apartment and closed the door behind her. Delaney looked seconds away from begging, her hands shaking. God, when was the last time she’d been with someone? Had anyone ever touched her the way she wanted to be touched? Given her the firm hand she clearly craved?

I circled her, stripping as I did so—my tie and jacket, then undoing my cufflinks and rolling up my sleeves. “What do you want?” I asked.

Delaney jumped a little. Like she hadn’t been expecting me to ask her that. “I… whatever you want.”

“That’s a dangerous statement.” I pressed myself up against her back and slid an arm around her waist. Delaney inhaled sharply. “I could want a lot of very bad things.”

“I’m not going to break,” she snapped, apparently offended that I thought her weak.

I liked when she dropped the demure side of herself and would just snap at me or get sassy. “This isn’t about my fear of you breaking. This is about not wanting to do anything that you’ll actually hate me for later.”

I pressed my nose into her throat and inhaled deeply. I could smell her arousal all the way from here, could lick the sweat off her warm skin if I wanted to. She was coiled so tightly, her breaths coming in tiny little gasps instead of steady inhales and exhales.

“Tell me what you want,” I repeated, my voice a low growl.

“Fuck me,” Delaney whispered.

“How?” I slid my hand up to her breast, squeezing it lightly through her dress. Fuck, it fit perfectly into the palm of my hand. “Slow and gentle…”

“Hard. R-rough.” Delaney put more of her weight on me. I wasn’t even sure she realized she was doing it.

I nosed behind her ear. “You ever been fucked like that?”

“N-no. But I thought about it. About you. I’d touch myself—thinking about you fucking me as hard as you wanted, until the bed shook—about your hand around my throat…”

Oh, that was kinkier than I’d expected from this sweet little creature. Delaney really did have some hidden depths to her.

I moved my hand up around her throat, just lightly trailing my fingertips up and down against the skin there. “Fantasy and reality can be two very different things,” I murmured. “Are you sure about this?”

Delaney nodded. “Yes.”

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