Tuesday 24 January 2023

Release blitz - Bratva jewel by Sabine Barclay

Title: Bratva Jewel
Series: The Ivankov Brotherhood #6
Author: Sabine Barclay
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: January 24, 2023


I can’t resist her. I don’t want to…
She’s tried to leave our life behind, but no one walks away from the bratva.

She can run, but she can’t hide.

I’ll be the one to catch her when she falls. And she will because she’s walking a fine line.

I’ll be there because she’s mine.

I’ll go to the ends of the Earth for her. She’ll discover her limits and realize only I can please her.
She’s my soulmate, and I’m hers. Heaven help anyone who gets in the way.

Bratva Jewel is an interconnecting, standalone Dark Mafia Romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger. It contains extra-steamy scenes that will make your toes curl and your granny blush. This is book six in The Ivankov Brotherhood, a six-book series that’ll keep you warm at night.



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“I am not your baby girl. Why do you call me that? You have no right.”
That’s a good question and an accurate point. But who am I kidding? I’ve thought of her this way since the start. I had plenty of time to consider what it would mean to bring her into my life and what that would look like. Surviving the upbringing I had meant being able to deeply analyze a situation or facts and come to a decisive conclusion quickly. I’ve played out various scenarios already today, and I already know where I want this to go.
“Not yet, maybe.”
“Not ever.”
I take a step closer and peer down at her. She doesn’t step away, and the defiance from a moment ago slips away. I ease my arm around her waist again, and she doesn’t push at my chest or tense. I keep my voice low since I don’t want anyone to hear us.
“I’ve never called another woman that in my life. But I think you could do with someone to look out for you. And if you were with Sem for five years, then you definitely deserve someone to take care of you.”
“And you think that should be you.”
“We both know it will be.”
“Your certainty is rather pushy.”
“But you aren’t disagreeing.”
My free hand cups her cheek, and she closes her eyes.
“How are you so gentle? No one your size should be. No one who does what you do ever is.”
“Because I will never intentionally hurt you, Kitty.”
I’m the one who tenses as that slips out. Her eyes snap open as her brow furrows.
“Why’d you call me that?”
“Instead of malyshka?”
I offer her a soft smile.
“That too.”
“Would you let me kiss you before I answer that?”
“My guess is I won’t like the explanation.”
I shrug. She waits a moment, then nods. She tilts her head back before our lips meet. Holy hell. I’ve kissed plenty of women, but nothing has felt like this. Her lips are plump and soft. Her body feels amazing pressed against mine. She smells divine. Something floral. As she opens to me, I swipe my tongue inside her mouth. I can taste the gum she must have chewed earlier. There’s a hint of cinnamon lingering. She sighs as I deepen the kiss.
When she slips her arms around my waist, I don’t stop her. I’ve never let a woman do that while I’m carrying my gun. I’ve always kept their hands away, so I don’t have to explain. But I’ve already felt her gun twice and seen it. Her hands wander over my back while mine slip to her ass. She’s wearing the sweater she had tied around her waist earlier. Her ass is soft and firm at the same time. I don’t know how, but I want to do things—dirty, dirty things—to it and with it. I squeeze, but not enough to hurt. She arches her back, so I tighten my grip. Each bit of extra pressure makes her press herself against me.
I slide one hand up her back and fist her hair. I hold her head in place and take control of the kiss. Her fingers dig into my shoulders, and she moves like she can’t get close enough.
“Is this what you like?”



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Sabine Barclay, a nom de plume also writing Historical Romance as Celeste Barclay, lives near the Southern California coast where she's a former rower and a hopeful surfer, a self-proclaimed foodie, and a lover of the outdoors. Sabine enjoys attending reader events and travels domestically and internationally for book signings and speaking engagements. Before becoming a full-time author, Sabine was a Social Studies and English teacher. She holds degrees in International Affairs (BA), Secondary Social Science (MAT), and Political Management (MPS). She channels that knowledge into creating engrossing contemporary romances that bring the steam will make your toes curl and your granny blush.


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