Thursday 4 May 2023

Pre-order blitz - Seductive sadist by Kristen Luciani

 Seductive Sadist by Kristen Luciani is coming June 15th. Preorder your copy today!

Preorder Seductive Sadist by Kristen Luciani now!

About Seductive Sadist

She is the white dove to my gilded cage.

Skyla St. James, my ex-best friend’s sister and the girl I’ve been secretly obsessed with for the past four years. One hot night and one forbidden taste turned me into an addict in need of my next fix.

But underworld rules trump emotion. And the family always reigns.

So I used her, manipulated her to do my will, and took her virginity in the process. Then I disappeared from her life…until the night before her wedding to my family’s enemy.

I never wanted a wife. And she doesn’t deserve a ruthless killer for a husband. But life doesn’t ever go as planned.

I should be a famous quarterback in the NFL, not a bratva enforcer. I wanted to escape this darkness forever, but my ex-best friend made sure that would never happen when he sabotaged me in the final play of our championship game. All the scouts scattered like cockroaches when an injury took me out of the game forever.

Now I’m bitter, angry, and back for revenge. Kidnapping Skyla before she marries my arch rival will give me back the control I lost four years ago on that football field. Except making her my captive isn’t enough to get me the respect and power I crave.

I need to marry her. One simple “I do” I can save my family’s livelihood and win the war against our enemies.

But I didn’t count on the others who want retribution for her father’s crimes. So now, my objective has changed. I need to keep my bride-to-be alive and protect her from everyone who wants her dead.

They won’t stop. They will find her. And when they do, they will find out just how vicious I am and how far I’ll go to protect my little dove. If they touch her, they will suffer and die.

Nobody will claim what’s mine.

Fans of scorching hot, hate to love, ex-best friend's sister, captive romances will devour book six in the VENGEFUL VILLAINS Dark Mafia series by USA Today bestselling author Kristen Luciani!

Publisher's Note: SEDUCTIVE SADIST contains explicit and mature content and graphic violence that some readers might find upsetting or triggering.

Meet Kristen Luciani

Kristen Luciani is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy and suspense-filled romance. She's addicted to kickboxing, Starburst jelly beans, and swooning over dark, broken anti-heroes. Kristen is happily married to her own real-life hero of over 20 years. In addition to penning spicy stories, she also has a part-time job as her three kids' personal Uber driver, which she manages to successfully juggle along with her other tasks: laundry, cleaning, laundry, cooking, laundry, and caring for her adorable Boston Terrier puppy.

Mafia romance is her passion...and her poison.

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