Friday 15 July 2022

Teaser post - Dreams of the deadly by Adelaide Foster


Dreams of the Deadly by Adelaide Forrest is releasing July 29, 2022!

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They took her from me.
Now I'll take everything from them.
I was never meant to fall in love with her.
We were children when they betrothed us--an obligation I didn't want.
Before long, her amber eyes had pierced right through me,
transforming my indifference into gentle devotion.
Then, they stole her from me—banished me from my home and robbed her of my protection.
They damaged her in my absence, and the girl I cared for hardened into a woman I cannot resist.
I've bided my time, amassing my strength; now none who stand in my way will survive.
The time has come to take back my kingdom.
The time has come to make Thalia mine.
Author's note: Massacred Dreams is a dark mafia romance duet with elements that may be triggering to some readers.

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