Thursday 14 June 2018

Cover & excerpt reveal - Off-screen by Josephine Traynor

Release Date: July 12, 2018
Cover Design: K Creative Design


On screen, they are lovers, off-screen, they aren't even friends.
I’m the reason Restless Times is the number-one rating show. This role should have been my dreams coming true, instead, my co-star Harrison Harvey has made it a living nightmare. His thirst for notoriety ends up putting both our jobs on the line. The man is my nemesis and he has no idea how much he owns my heart.

Restless Times is successful only because of me. Any other female lead could step in and it would still be a ratings winner. Riley is nothing but a conniving, high maintenance pain in my arse. While we clash on every level, I can’t deny my love for her. The other problem is, it’s also shrouded in hate. 



On screen, they are lovers, off-screen, they aren’t even friends. 

His weight has me deliciously sandwiched between him and the sheets. I revel in how his body melds against mine, and my skin flames. His warm, naked chest pins my torso in the most tantalizing way. My nipples strain to be touched. My hair’s flared out on the pillow while his hips grind firmly on mine. There’s only the barest of cotton and lace separating us. If he stays like this any longer, I think I might burst. I raise my legs to hook around his to keep him in place and let out a groan as pangs of electricity course through me. Lifting his chest up, he runs his fingers over my temples. The gesture is soft, caring, and intimate. Too intimate. The connection, this moment between us, is unnerving, and I force myself to look away. The gentle grip of his fingers tells me to look at him even though I know exactly what he’s going to say.
I sink my teeth into my bottom lip and avoid his gaze, lying in wait for his affections. I lower my gaze to my chest, and the brassiere is doing a great job of pushing my cleavage up and out. I could serve drinks on those puppies. His strong arms feel so good, and his breath tickles my skin. I curl my fingers around the sheet to bring it higher over his body to hopefully trap some heat on my own skin. As much as I’m in the moment, it’s freezing in here.
“Hey,” he coos, his fingers tickling along my cheek to dip under my chin to make me lift my eyes. “What are you thinking, beautiful?”
Letting out a dramatic sigh, I raise my left hand to my forehead with a slight shake of my head. I let my arm drop to my side before I speak. “I’m sorry I’m so distracted. I’m just worried about Jill. Ever since she found out she was pregnant with Jack’s baby and he left her for Julie, who was still seeing Jason, all while not knowing he was seeing Jill behind Julie’s back … I just … I don’t know what I’d do if I ever found out you stopped loving me.”
We lock eyes again, and I’m certain I felt a pulse between my thighs when he spoke softly. “I will never stop loving you.”
He pauses for what feels like forever and eventually brings his soft lips to mine, his arms pulling me into his embrace. His weight shifts, and I know he’s going to flip me over so I can be on top.
No sooner were the words called out halfway through our rollover, Harrison releases me like I’ve given him an electric shock. The abrupt movement makes me bounce, and I hit the mattress with an oomph. The soundstage bells ring to signal the cameras have stopped rolling, and the crew groans. I know we’ll have to do the scene over for reasons that will be made abundantly clear to be my fault. Harrison Harvey is like Teflon—nothing sticks to him. Perfect teeth, perfect nose, perfect body. Harrison can do no wrong. Harrison and I have worked together for two years now, but we’ve known each other for longer. We went to the same acting school, and even then he had an ego bigger than the room. We share the same competitive character defect—we both have to come out on top at all costs.
“Forget to brush your teeth for the week?” I wipe his kiss with the back of my hand. 
Truth is, Harrison is an awesome kisser. I’ll never tell him that, though. Can barely stand saying the lines I’m paid to say to him. Harrison is a very sought-after actor who plays Declan Matthews on the long-time running, award-winning day-time soap, Restless Times. I play his girlfriend, turned fiancée, Jordan Adams.
Running a hand through his hair allows the sheet to drop, and of course, the-smart arse bastard makes no effort to hide his gorgeous body. “I see you’ve incorporated some method acting. Really did feel like I was hugging a lump of clay. Good job.” He gestures between my thighs where he’s sitting. “You really didn’t need to go so far as to imitate a dead fish. That’s method acting too far.”
Snapping my legs shut, I seethe, “You’re a bastard.”
I’m itching to deliver another barb, and the only reason I hold my tongue is because our director, Allan, has made his way over to the bed with the script, and no good comes from picking on the golden child. 


One of Five ARC's for Off Screen


About the Author

So quick things about me …
Josephine is her favourite girl’s name.
Traynor comes from Will Traynor of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You.

With those powers combined, I have created Josephine Traynor. 
I write contemporary romance with a few laughs about love. 
I also write spicier stories and I'm super excited to share my writing with the world.

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