Wednesday 5 September 2018

Cover & excerpt reveal - The first lights by Christy Pastore

Release Date: September 26, 2018
Cover Design: Hart & Bailey Design Co.


One minute we were a family of four—then, in the blink of an eye, half of my world was gone.

Nearly two years after I received the phone call that changed my life forever, we’re living in a new town and facing new opportunities.

All I want is to be a strong parent for my son and build a good life. I’m still fighting to figure out how to be okay. Falling for someone? Not in the cards for me. I had my happily ever after.

Until he appears.

One look from the ex-NFL player turned high school football coach brings my soul to life. But the man tests my patience with his arrogance. He knows how to manage his players and his students, but he needs a major ego adjustment.

Every night when my eyes close, I tell myself there’s no way I’ll fall for Wyatt Hamilton, I can’t . . . he’s my son’s new coach.


She’s the last thing that I expected. But I’m drawn to her.

When she stepped onto my field with her long sexy legs, arms covered in tiny geometric tattoos, dark hair and her perfect kissable lips—she stoked a fire inside me. I never dreamed that I’d feel that spark again.

Hannah Richman understands my anguish and emotional turmoil, because she’s been through the same hell.

Wanting her is taboo—forbidden. She’s the mother of one of my students.

No matter how much I crave her . . . there’s no way I can have her, it would be inappropriate.

We’re about to redefine that word.


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My heart thundered in my chest as if a herd of wild horses were stampeding through it. I pulled the pen and notepad from my apron pocket averting my gaze from the smolder in Wyatt Hamilton’s green eyes. “I see you got your coffee, now what can I get you to eat?”

Smirking, he leaned back into the booth, drawing his arm across the back. “What no greeting?”

This man did strange things to me. I tapped my pen to the notepad, heat rolling down my spine like lava. “Hello, Mister Hamilton. Now can I get your order, please?”

His eyes darted to my nametag. “I’d like the Denver omelet with toasted sourdough and a side of Mel’s famous hash browns, Hannah.”

I cleared my throat. “Oh, sorry, we don’t serve omelets after eleven.”

His eyebrows shot up. “What do you mean? I thought Mel’s served omelets until four in the afternoon.”

“Um, they used to, but that changed when the menu did a few months back.”

“Well, tell Goldie the omelet is for me,” he said, tapping his finger to the table. “I’m sure that she’d be happy to accommodate me this morning.”

This guy, I didn’t have time for his jokes. “Yeah, I’ll get right on that and tell a woman who’s been on her feet since four a.m. to prepare an omelet just for you. Now, tell me what you really want because I have a table ready to pay.”

He narrowed his eyes, his dark brows pinching together. “I already told you my order. Goldie will bend the rules for me, I’m her favorite customer—a regular.”

“You’re incredible,” I mumbled. What I really wanted to say was that he was arrogant.

“Thank you, I see that you’ve been working your social skills.”

“That wasn’t a compliment.” I leaned down so that we were face to face. “I’m sure that Goldie doesn’t make the rules so that you can break them. If you really wanted an omelet you would have been here before eleven. If you were a regular, you’d have known about the menu change and we wouldn’t be in this current predicament. You can either place a different order or you can sit here and starve.”

Wyatt’s eyes flared and turned dark. Yeah, I told him and it served him right. I knew who he was, and after my son told me he was a big deal I Googled him. Wyatt Hamilton, the former NFL player, quarterback—the golden god of Indianapolis. He’d taken the team to the Super Bowl and won the town’s second title and then he left the sport. Under tragic circumstances this man prevailed. He was a champion, but right now he was acting like an entitled asshole.

“Everything okay here?” Goldie asked, wiping her hands on a red towel.

Wyatt’s eyes never left mine. “It’s all good. Hannah was telling me about the menu change, but she insisted I order an omelet even if she had to make it herself.”

I clamped my teeth together, refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing the shock I felt inside painted on my face. Instead, I carefully positioned my middle finger against the back of my notepad sending him a signal.

“Oh, that was so nice of you to offer, Hannah,” Goldie said, lopping her red towel through her apron string. “I think I can make that omelet happen for you, Wyatt.”

After scratching down his order, I tore at my notepad and handed the paper to Goldie. The tight-lipped smile painted across his face irritated me. Wyatt Hamilton was a guy who expected everything to go his way.

Smug bastard.


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About the Author

Christy Pastore is a bestselling author of Romantic Comedy and Literary Humor romance reads. She writes sexy, contemporary romance books that contain bold heroines and swoony gentleman with a naughty side. Writing has always been a part of Christy’s life. Her first writing gig was for a celebrity entertainment website. Later she went on to create her own blogazine and media company combining her love of writing with fashion and marketing.
When's she not writing flirty and dirty books you’ll find Christy browsing the internet for the latest celebrity gossip, obsessively watching Instagram stories, binge watching her favorite shows or daydreaming.
She appreciates a good vodka soda with a twist of lime or a nice glass of wine. She’ll never turn down chips and salsa, margherita pizza or Mexican food. And yes, you can always ask her for advice on fashion and style trends.
Christy lives in central Indiana with her husband, their lovable English springer spaniel, Bailey, and their super cool ginger cat, Boomer.
She believes books, especially love stories are an escape from the real world.
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