Saturday 22 August 2020

Sale post - Jasinda Wilder

For A Goode Time Call
A recent release from a New York Times bestselling author! In Alaska after her life was turned upside down, feisty Cassie gets rescued by Ink, a tattooed giant of a man. Neither is looking for forever, but the passion between them is undeniable…

Poppy Goode: youngest Goode girl, artist, wild child, independent to a fault, and scared to make the leap into really following her dreams. 

And then a wandering artist blows into her life, a dashing troubadour with more talent and charm than he knows what to do with and a complicated, troubled past. He turns everything she thought she knew upside down and sweeps her out of her established life and into the wild unknown, where she has to either embrace change and risk or go back to what’s safe and boring.

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