Monday 21 September 2020

Teaser post - The sins duet by Abbi Glines

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TEASER SHARE! The Sins Duet by Abbi Cook
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The Sins Duet by Abbi Cook
Releases 24th September
Genre: Dark romance/romantic suspense
#TheSinsDuet #AbbiCook #BareNakedWords #DarkRomance #RomanticSuspense
“The Sins Duet is 2 books Covet and Corrupt. This story in its entirety is so different to anything I have read for a while, and I loved it” Goodreads Reviewer
“Outstanding build up to a tear your soul apart read!” Goodreads Reviewer
A dangerous man obsessed…
I want to possess Natalie from the moment I lay eyes on her. Trusting and sweet, she has no idea what I can do to her.
What I will do to her.
An innocent woman caught in a web of lies…
He’s beautiful and vicious like nothing I’ve ever seen. Alexei terrifies me and takes my breath away.
Yet I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame, even as I sense the danger in him.
Nothing is what it seems…
A hit man who never fails at his job. A woman afraid she’s losing her mind. The secret that shocks even a cold-blooded killer.
How perfect a life can look from the outside, and then with just one crack in the fa├žade, everything changes.
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