Tuesday 3 May 2022

Release blitz - Royally malevoent by B.B. Blaque



Series: Royal Bastards MC


Author: @BBBlaque

Cover Designer: Lucian Bane Graphics

Model: Alfie Gordillo

Photographer: Randy Perillo Photography


Link:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09TQFH8BM


🌹Note from the author: Please be aware that this book contains emotional scenes that are intense and what some might call dark. The themes and H are also dark. He has a very intense and predatorial past that he's grown from. Keep both ends of that spectrum in mind when deciding to read. There is a triad who live the B♥︎D♥︎S♥︎M life 24/7. There is unfiltered adult content, language, and situations. This character's HEA has been begged for and my monster is finally getting it. The first feelings he'll have since childhood are fear, r@ge, and love.

🌹They call me The Bishop. My slaves call me Your Excellency. The Royal Bastards and Malevolent MC call me when they need something taken care of that no one else can or will do. I’m the brother who is always there and asks nothing in return.

I've also been called a monster.

I'm a psychological sadist with a master's degree who takes care of what I trained specifically for me—Calico and her beautiful submissive mind. Together with Sage, we are her Masters. I am always in control—the alpha. She married him, but I'm the one she's addicted to. It’s been easy. I have no emotions, but she voiced hers, and I feel physically ill.

When she is threatened it causes a reaction I've never felt before. I call it a sickness. Kash says it's love. I don't buy into that, but I know for sure the threat will be neutralized. No one hurts my Pet and survives.

I wear Malevolent MC colors, but I’m basically a Royal Ba*tard too—Royally Malevolent. The only family I’ve ever considered since the Marines are the men in those two clubs. When someone is foolish enough to come after me and mine, they take it as personally as if I was blood.

I'll deal with the sickness when I'm done.

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