Monday 14 December 2020

Pre-order blitz - Bloody union by Brooke Summers

Title: Bloody Union
Series: Made #1
Author: Brooke Summers
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: January 21, 2021


Marriages are meant to be sacred but when an arranged marriage turns bloody a war is started.

Makenna Gallagher’s life is anything but ordinary. After experiencing something traumatic her life changes and not for the better. When she meets the man that she is expected to marry she knows that keeping her secrets is only going to get harder. 

When Dante Bianchi sees his wife-to-be, he’s surprised. She doesn’t look anything like the sweet and innocent fourteen year old who he had agreed to marry five years ago. He looks forward to making her his. 

When their wedding ends in a gunfight, he’s surprised to see his wife handling a gun with ease and when he watches her kill a man he doesn’t know whether to be angry or turned on. 

Every family has secrets, but Makenna is drowning in hers. Will she sink or swim when hers turn deadly?




“Sneaking out?” his amused voice calls out as I reach for my yoga pants. “Here I thought we’d gotten past this.” 
I roll my eyes, the man needs to relax. “This isn’t a one-night stand, Dante, it’s a marriage. I’m not sneaking out. I’m going to check on your brother and get some food. I’m starving. I also need to work today. My darling husband, fancy coming with?” 
He chuckles, “Yeah, baby, why not.” 
I turn to face him, he’s sitting up, the sheet around his waist showcasing his abs and muscles. “Don’t sound so excited. Besides, today, I’ve got to meet up with Killian.” 
His face tightens and it pisses me off that he’s made assumptions about my uncle without having ever met him. We don’t get to criticize anyone, of all people, we don’t have the right to judge. “Am I invited to that meeting?” 
I should laugh at the pathetic attempt at acting as though he doesn’t care, but I don’t, I’m tired, annoyed, and hungry. “Sure.” I pull on my tank top and move to the door. 
A hand clamps around my waist, and spins me so that I’m facing him. “Want to let me know what’s wrong?” 
I sigh, “Why do you think anything’s wrong?” 
His eyes narrow at me, oh, looks like I’m pissing him off. “Your tone for starters. Fuck, Makenna, I’m not a damn mind reader, just tell me what the fuck is wrong.” 
I push him off me, “You are, arsehole. You expect me to tell you everything and yet, you haven’t told me a damn thing about you. Now, I have to go and check on Alessio before he decides he’s getting out of bed again. And while I’m doing that, maybe, you can check on Romero and see what he’s looking for. Then I’m going to have some breakfast and go to Killian’s, if you and your brothers want to come, you are more than welcome.” 
“Fuck!” he roars, but I ignore him and move down the hall to check in on Alessio.


I'm Brooke, I'm a Londoner born and raised. I live with my fiancee and our daughter. 
I'm a foul mouthed, dirty minded weirdo. 
I'm an introvert who would rather spend the night in front of the fire reading than go out. 
I write Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Taboo. Basically everything I love thrown together. 
I'm hoping you'll join me on this wild ride I'm about to embark on.


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