Tuesday 1 December 2020

Release blitz - Black ghost by Freddie Villacci JR.

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One last job and he’s done for good… until two rookie agents ruin it all.


Cunning, resourceful, seemingly supernatural…


Bic Green is a world-class contract killer. Tormented by his demons and a life steeped in blood, he clings to absolution from his evils by channeling his funds toward his goddaughter, Gracie, for her quest to cure cancer.


When a shadowy Congressman gives him 21 days to assassinate America’s ten wealthiest citizens, Bic has a choice, maintain his code of never killing innocent people or take the eight-figure payout and fully fund Gracie’s research. Bic plans each murder meticulously, creating elaborate ways to make each billionaire’s death look accidental. Nobody suspects a thing.


But after two rookie FBI agents, the headstrong Mack Maddox and his troubled partner Caroline Foxx, stumble on an unsuspected clue, they quickly begin to unravel the insidious plot. With billionaires dropping like flies and their superiors ordering them to stand down, they push forward until they find themselves deep in the crosshairs of the Black Ghost.


With no time left, terrifying questions stir within Bic’s psyche. Is he a killer using Gracie as an excuse for his ritualistic murders? Even more importantly, if he can’t stop himself, who can?


If you’re a fan of fast-paced thrillers filled to the brim with action and suspense, then you won’t want to miss the page-turning debut novel in the Black Ghost series. Grab your copy today!

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A man behind the woman looked “off” to Mack in his preppy, soft colors. He had the strut of a street thug and his cargo pants didn’t exactly nail the preppy look. The guy also had crude tattoos on the hands below his knuckles. This man is hiding something. 

Or was he? Mack shook his head. Could make yourself crazy thinking like that. As the man with the strut passed, he spat a sunflower seed shell from his mouth.

Mack took a step and the bottom fell out of his stomach. He stopped, turned, and picked up the seed. He regarded it in a kind of fog, smelling the faint peppery sour smell in the air. He then saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Gabriel Hernandez!

Mack reached for his weapon, yelling, “Freeze! FBI!” 

But the man before him was already facing him.

Mack froze. 

His mind screamed, draw your weapon, but his arm didn’t respond. And in that split second of hesitation, the preppy man reached into his pockets; pistols instantaneously appeared in both of the man’s hands.


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Freddie Villacci, Jr. was born and raised in Wood Dale, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He earned a degree in marketing from Berry College, while playing baseball. At the age of nineteen he began to invest in the stock market and continued on with a career in the insurance and financial services industry. 

In his first published novel, Black Ghost, he has used his professional background to give depth and credibility to the plot centering around the estate death tax laws. Besides books, he also fuels his creativity writing movie scripts and songs. Faceless, an independent movie is due out this fall. 

Freddie loves being out in the sun, especially playing baseball and golf with his daughter and twin boys. He and his wife, Jennifer, have a passion for supporting charities that help children.

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