Tuesday 20 April 2021

Release blitz - The glass slipper by K. Webster

Title: The Glass Slipper
Series: Cinderella Trilogy #3
Author: K Webster
Publisher: Dangerous Press
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2021


Betraying the most powerful man in New York wasn’t something I ever envisioned when I first started playing games with Winston Constantine. But he’s engaged in far more dangerous games than ours, and his enemies are out for blood.

Winston has my heart, the Morellis have incriminating photos, and I’m left with nothing except three stepbrothers who want to hurt me and a future in doubt. I knew Winston wouldn’t be my prince charming, but that didn’t stop me from falling for him.
After all, the slippers fit, and I let myself believe I’d be dancing with Winston forever.
Until too much truth comes to light.

Until I realize instead of ruling the board, I was just a pawn.

In the end, I have only one question. When his game with me is over, will I be able to pretend as if the glass slipper wasn’t a perfect fit?




“Win, I said I was sorry.”
“Why? I’m not your boyfriend. What are you apologizing for?”
Anger flashes in her eyes. “I’m sorry for breaking what we had. But, damn, grow up and stop pouting.”
“Pouting.” I bark out a scornful laugh. “You’ve been scheming with a Morelli behind my back, Ash. It’s not pouting, it’s called being pissed off.”
“And hurt.” She bites down on her juicy bottom lip making me want to bite it too. “I hurt you.”
“Constantines don’t get hurt. We do the hurting.”
“I don’t believe that for a second.”
“You believe in fairy tales, Cinderelliott, so your opinion is irrelevant.”
“I hurt you and I’m sorry for that. But I didn’t betray you. Yes, I kept things from you because Leo was terrifying and threatening me at every turn, but I didn’t sell you guys out.”
“I said I don’t care.”
“You do,” she argues. “You care about me and it makes you angry.”
“Are we done here?” I bark out. “I’m done discussing this. I don’t care. You’re my fucking employee. How many times do I have to say it?”
Her gaze hardens. “As many times as you need to in order to convince yourself. Meanwhile, I'm not buying the bullshit you’re selling.”
“I’m leaving.”
“And not get to pay me back?” She leans forward, toying with my tie. “That’s not your style. You’re Winston fucking Constantine. You always get what’s owed to you.”
“There’s my guy,” she murmurs, tugging on my tie to pull me closer.
“Not your guy.”
Her lips brush against mine, soft and sweet. For a moment, I almost give in, kissing her pouty lips like I would have two days ago. In the last second, I bite her fat bottom lip. Her hazel eyes flare as she glowers at me.
“I think the headlines called me a monster. Or was it a predator? Sex fiend?”
“I’m pretty sure at least one writeup called you an asshole.”
“Your diary doesn’t count.”
I grab a handful of her hair that’s no longer in a sleek ponytail but now in a messy bun. She whimpers when I twist it in my fist. Slowly, I pull her head back, exposing her creamy neck to me.
“What can I do to make this better?” she murmurs, her body shuddering as I run my nose along a silky path on her neck to her jaw. “I want to fix us.”
“We’re not an us, therefore we were never broken, thus there is nothing to fix.” I bite her jawbone making her gasp.
“If I find a way to get Leo back, will that make it better?”
His name on her lips has a fierce growl rumbling through me. “Don’t you fucking dare speak to him. Ever again.





K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.


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