Thursday 16 June 2022

Blog tour - Mafia obsession by L. Steele

What begins as a fake relationship, blows up into real life longing.

Mafia Obsession, an all-new steamy and intense dark enemies-to-lovers mafia romance from bestselling author L. Steele is available now!

Luca Sovrano. One of the Sovrano Seven.
Ruthless Capo. Dangerous Villain.
The most beautiful man I've ever seen.

Our paths should never have crossed,
but when he's thrown into the same cell as me we are trapped together.
And forced to play a dangerous game to survive.

When he asks me to pose as his pretend wife,
I agree.
But what begins as a fake relationship,
Blows up into real life longing.

When we escape together, he vows to protect me.

But who will save me from him when he finds out my secret...?

A brutal mob boss is brought to heel by the fiery spirit of a jazz dancer who teaches him the meaning of love, in this enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience dark billionaire romance. This is a stand alone. 1-Click NOW

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"Get off of me," she snarls.
"Only if you promise to listen," I shoot back.
"First, you get off me."
"First, you promise to listen."
"I’ll do no such thing."
"In which case..." I place more of my weight on her and her gaze widens.
"You wouldn’t." She scowls.
"Try me." I allow my lips to curve in a smirk. Using my weight to hold her captive while I try to make her... Listen to me? It’s a dick move, but fuck that. We’re in trouble, and the only way out is if I get her to follow my directions.
Her face pales a little, then her lips firm. "Fine," she says in a low voice.
"I didn’t hear you," I drawl.
"A-hole," she murmurs under her breath.
"Heard that, and it’s alphahole to you."
She opens and shuts her mouth. "You have an inflated opinion about yourself, don’t you?"
"Not the only thing that’s inflated, Angel."
"Don’t call me that."
"I’ll call you anything I want." I allow my grin to widen.
Her scowl deepens. "You… you… Dickwaffle!"
I blink, then can’t stop the chuckle that rolls up my throat. I laugh so hard, my whole body shakes, and as a result, she shakes under me. "That’s a creative insult, I’ll give you that."
"I’m just getting started," she shoots back.
"You and I are going to have fun; I can feel it," I tease her.
"Get off of me." She slaps my shoulder, and the vibrations shudder through my brain. The back of my head begins to throb in earnest. I touch the space and my fingers come away wet.
"Is that blood?" She stares at it, then at my face. "Does it hurt?"
"Are you concerned?" I narrow my gaze on her.
"Of course not. But since we are, clearly, having a conversation, can you please get off me now?"
"We are, aren’t we?" I roll off of her, and once on my feet, extend my arm to her. "Luca Sovrano."
She sits up, then pushes off the bed and stands facing me.
"What the hell did you think you were doing earlier?" She scowls.
"Trying to distract you so you wouldn’t scream and make those guys come in here again."
She pales a little, and her gaze flicks to the door. "Did they take you, as well? I mean, obviously, they did take you... But how did they overpower you? You seem—"
"Strong? Virile? Sexy?"
She darts me an annoyed look. "Does everything always have to be about you?"
"Not always… but mostly." I wiggle my fingers. "At least shake my hand, will you?"
"If you think I want to be your friend after what you did earlier, you are sadly mistaken."
"Considering we’ve already exchanged saliva, a handshake doesn’t seem that far-fetched."
She throws up her hands. “You’re gross."
"And you’re cute when you are angry."
"Eh?" She opens and shuts her mouth. "Who are you again?"
"Luca Sovrano, part of the Sovrano Seven."
"What are you, some kind of underground Mafia gang?"
"How’d you guess?"
"You’re joking, right?" She begins to laugh, but she must notice the look on my face, for her lips firm. "You’re not joking."
"Not at all," I confirm.
"Oh for F's sake." She takes a step back, as if she’s just realized the predicament she’s in. Too late, baby. I’ve already set my sights on you, and I’m not letting go that easily.
"So, you’re part of a Mafia outfit?"
"I am the Mafia." I widen my stance. "And you’re trapped with me in this cell."

Meet L. Steele
L. Steele loves to write romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women. She enjoys trading trivia with her filmmaker husband, watching lots and lots of movies, and walking nature trails. She lives with her family in London.

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