Tuesday 7 June 2022

Teaser post - Shift by Cala Riley


Shift by Cala Riley is releasing June 22, 2022!

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I've been in love with Blaze Taylor for as long as I've known him.
I always hoped he felt the same, but the timing has never been right for us.
Until it was.
He broke my heart that night. 
I thought I could move past it, but mentally I'm stuck.
With the authorities pressing down on us, will I cave to my insecurities or can I be strong enough for our crew?

I knew the minute I met Hannah Wheeler that I loved her.
I couldn't act on it though.
She needed more than Good Time Blaze.
She needed a friend. Family.
Now, I'm desperate to make her mine for good, but she's resistant.
Something's changed in her. Can I make her see that she's been the only one I love or has our expiration date passed?

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