Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Sale post - Laurelin Piage & Sierra Simone

For the first time, both Hot Cop and P*rn Star by Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone are available in one boxed set for ONLY 99¢!!


Get the Hot Cop Boxed Set for 99¢ (originally $7.99)! Don’t miss your chance to grab this limited time sale.

Hot Cop, USA Today Bestseller
"Hot, sexy, and heartwarming! A bundle of joy and deliciousness!" - Lauren Blakely, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

You have the right to remain sexy.

Anything you say can and will be used to get you in my bed.

You have the right to use my body to give yourself a delirious, life-changing orgasm.

Livia Ward wants a baby before she’s thirty. And she wants it the old-fashioned way—by having as much sex as it takes with a man she’s hand-picked to make up the second part of the equation. What she doesn’t want is a boyfriend.

Officer Chase Kelly is exactly the kind of cocky jerk this librarian has sworn off, but he is undeniably hot. And he’s better in bed than Livia ever expected her baby daddy to be. It’s trouble from the start, but her deadline is rapidly approaching.

Both of them think they can give each other what they want--a few nights of fun for Officer Kelly, a no-strings baby for Livia--but this hot cop is about to learn that sex, babies, and love don’t always play by the rules.

"Filthy, fun, and filled with heart." - Audrey Carlan, #1 NYT Bestselling author


P*rn Star, Amazon and USA Today Bestseller
“An original storyline with witty writing, captivating characters and scorching hot sex that also managed to make me highly emotional. Everything I want in a book!” - Penelope Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author

You know me.

Come on, you know you do.

Maybe you pretend you don’t. Maybe you clear your browser history religiously. Maybe you pretend to be aghast whenever someone even mentions the word porn in your presence.

But the truth is that you do know me.

Everybody knows Logan O’Toole, world famous porn star.

Except then Devi Dare pops into my world, and pretty soon I’m doing things that aren’t like me—like texting her with flirty banter and creating an entire web porn series just so I can get to star in her bed. Again. And again.

With Devi, my entire universe shifts, and the more time I spend with her, the more I realize that Logan O’Toole isn’t the guy I thought he was.

So maybe I'm not the guy you thought I was either.

*Includes Logan O’Toole’s Tools of the Trade as a bonus.

"Fascinating, sexy and utterly surprising, P*rn Star is an unconventional, page-turning, hot romance with a sweet heart hero." - Lauren Blakely, NYT Bestselling Author

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