Monday 2 August 2021

Release blitz - Leaving home by Samantha Skye

Title: Leaving Home
Series: Boston Billionaires #3
Author: Samantha Skye
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 2, 2021


What happens when the good guy falls for the bad girl...

Frankie has dealt with a lot in her life and when it all becomes too much she needs to run before the terror and evil consumes her. Fleeing from the terrible situation her family put her in, she thinks she has escaped.

Marco is juggling it all, working long hours, building his business empire and doing right by his family. He is known to be the good guy, empathetic, the caring one and every single woman in the city wants him.

With evil nipping at her heels and danger at every corner, Frankie needs to focus on her safety if she wants a chance at a normal life. But then Marco steps into her path and all bets are off before the target moves to his back and now they are both in trouble.




I look up and around to take in the place, but the moment I do, my eyes land on the one person that I can’t get out of my mind. I see her before she sees me and I take the time to really look at her.

She has her head down with her vibrant red hair falling around her. She is reading a book and has glasses on which I haven’t seen her wear before and she gives off a smart, studious demeanor. She is sitting in a booth at the back corner of the shop. As if she senses someone watching her she looks up and we immediately make eye contact.

Her lips part in surprise and the look on her face is one for my memory bank and I pull on every inch of self control I have not to strut over to her and grab her by the neck and pull her to me. All I want is to devour her and make her mine and my cock throbs in my pants at the thought.

Keeping my eyes on her I watch her like she is my prey and I walk over slowly, smiling but with a glint of desire in my eyes that I know that she can see. Our eyes don’t leave each other, as I stop, mere inches in front of her and she places her open book face down on the table so as not to lose her page.

I am looking down at her now, and she is looking up at me, her elegant neck on full display and I get a visual of what she would look like on her knees for me and I gulp at the image of it.





Samantha Skye is an Australian contemporary romance author who combines her superpowers of a country upbringing with a city slicker lifestyle to bring the best characters to life.

Just as comfortable in gumboots as she is in Christian Louboutins, her diverse interests provide suspenseful plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Oh and she sprinkles a little spice throughout the stories too. Her debut book Coming Home was released in 2021, and is book one in a four part series.


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