Thursday 1 October 2020

Release blitz - Rowdy boy by Clarissa Wild

    ROWDY BOY by Clarissa Wild Release Blitz: October 1st   ENTER HERE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $50 GIFT CARD AND A SIGNED PAPERBACK OF ROWDY BOY!!      
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  Blurb: Rude boys play best. I’ve always known how to make girls fall to their knees. When I open my mouth and play my music, they line up to scream my name. Cole Travis, rock star and high school legend. Fans beg me for a dirty smile and a filthy kiss. And I give them everything they could ever want. All these years, I thought it was enough. Until her. Monica Romero, the new girl whose wistful eyes hide a closed-off heart. A heart I know belongs to me but one I can never have. She doesn’t know me. My band. My reputation. Not even my name. But she will remember me… Because if I can’t have her… No one will. Rowdy Boy is a New Adult/High School Bully Romance standalone novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild, part of the Black Mountain Academy Anthology. WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.       
  EXCERPT   “You invited me here, remember?” I say, putting my hands against my side. “What? Cat’s got your tongue?”   He smirks and lowers his eyes. A snort follows right after when his head drops between his shoulders. “No … I didn’t forget …”   “Then what? Why the hell did you invite me backstage, Cole?” I ask. “When you weren’t even here in your room. When you were off somewhere else doing … God knows what.” I choke up, I really don’t want to think about what he was doing with that girl, but I can think of a few things.   “Oh … jealous now, are we?” he muses, the look on his face practically spelling out sin. My eyes widen, and my lips part, but all I can do is stutter. “Wha—No, of course not.” He laughs in a guttural way that puts all my senses on high alert. “You’re funny, you know that?”   “What’s so funny?” I ask.   He shakes his head again, the stubborn grin on his face so sexy yet so infuriating at the same time. “Your reaction is better than I thought it would be …”   I frown, completely confused. “I don’t get it. What is going on? Why did you want me to be here if she—”   “She was a distraction,” he says, his muscles tensing up as he leans in closer. “For you.”   My lips part, but I have no idea how to respond. With his free hand, he reaches for my face, his thumb grazing my cheek as he grabs a strand of my hair and tucks it behind my ear. “I wanted to see what you’d do.”   That … that was a prank? To get me to make a fool out of myself? I thought he was finally opening up to me and trying to be a friend, and now he pulls this shit.   Fuck him. “No, fuck that, you don’t just get to prank me—” “Prank you?” he interjects, his brows furrowing. “You’re an—”   I can’t finish my sentence. Can’t even utter the words off my lips. Because he’s covered my mouth with his.   With his hands, he cups my face and slams his lips on mine.   And I stop breathing entirely.   The kiss is earth-shattering, hot, and greedy, like he’s wanted to do this since the day he met me but never found the right opportunity. Like he wants to take me right here, right now.   His grip on my face is overpowering, and when his body pushes against mine, I lose it. My knees feel weak, and my heart beats faster and faster as I struggle to cope with what’s happening. His lips feel electrifying against mine. Like they could kill me if I didn’t stop.   But I can’t. I can’t let Cole Travis do this to me.   So I force my brain to kick back into action and bite. He leaps back, touching his lip. Blood seeps down, and his tongue darts out to lick it up. “You bit me …” he says in a way that almost makes it sound unbelievable.   “Asshole,” I finally finish my sentence, and I wipe my index finger along my lip.       
  About the Author: Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author with ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome), who was born and raised in the Netherlands. She loves to write Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels featuring dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her cutie pie son, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time, she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, and cooking up some delicious meals.     Connect w/Clarissa: Website: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: Goodreads: Bookbub: Amazon: NL Signup:

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