Sunday 18 July 2021

5 days to go - Complete me by K.E. Osborn


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Title: Complete Me

Genre: Billionaire Romance

Series: Trust Me Series #4

Author: K E Osborn

Release Day: July 23, 2021



Do you ever know someone completely…

Three men—confident, admired, intensely cherished, and respected.

The women who love them, different in so many ways—a mother, an eccentric, and a wife—all deeply connected by the men they adore.

They think they’re complete.

The truth is harder.

The past reveals all, secrets unveiled, and a wedding for all ages sees everyone feeling solace.

This generational story is filled with heartache,  but every story needs a happy ending to complete us…

 From International Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes, Complete Me Book Four in the Trust Me Series (previously published in 2014). This series has been re-edited with new content and a new cover.

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