Monday 3 January 2022

Excerpt reveal - Drop dead queen by C.Hallman & J.L. Beck

    DROP DEAD QUEEN (Corium University Trilogy #2) by JL. Beck and C. Hallman Release Date: January 7th Genre/Tropes: Dark Romance/Bully/Enemies to Lovers/Revenge Romance/Dub-Con-Non-Con     Add to Goodreads:     PREORDER IS AVAILABLE!!!   START THE TRILOGY WITH #1, KING OF CORIUM!         EXCERPT I feel self-conscious admitting this out loud, but who knows what tomorrow holds. Hell, we might not even make it out of here. “I’ve never been kissed before.” Quinton’s features become a scowl. “What do you mean, you’ve never been kissed? That’s something you do in grade school.” “Well, I didn’t.” He shrugs. “It’s just lips touching. It’s nothing special.” “That’s not true. Kissing is intimate. It’s passion and heart. It’s telling someone a secret with your lips. A secret only you and the other person can decode.” We’re staring at each other now, and I can’t believe I just said all of that out loud. How could I be so stupid… all my thoughts and words become flakes of snow blowing in the wind when Quinton leans in and presses his lips to mine. His lips are like a fiery brand on my skin, and I startle at the soft caress, ready to push him away before something snaps inside of me, and I sink my fingers into his hair and hold him closer. He devours my mouth, kissing me with purpose and confidence. I’m lost in him, drowning in him, and I never want to be and I never want to be rescued from this kiss. I can feel the same helpless emotions rushing off him. They slam into me like an asteroid hitting the Earth. I return his kiss feverishly, afraid that it might end before it’s even gotten started. It doesn’t end. It continues, and soon his tongue is in my mouth, and his hands are roaming every inch of my body, gripping and tracing the curves. For the first time in forever, I feel cherished and secure, and I let him continue kissing me. When his tongue touches mine, sparks of arousal ignite in my belly. I want more, need more. He breaks the kiss and presses wet kisses down my neck and across my collarbone. I’m dizzy with need, and I can tell he’s aroused too, and not just because of the hard cock that’s pressing into my side but because of the way his chest rises and falls and the dilation in his eyes. He wants me as much as I want him. Moving over the top of me, his body hovers just above mine. “What secret did that kiss tell you?” he croaks. “I have to force my swollen lips to move. “It told me you’re drowning too, so let’s drown together.”         Blurb: In the darkness they lurk, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Danger is everywhere, and not even Quinton can protect me. Someone wants me dead and they’ll do anything to achieve their goal. I’m back to being a rat scurrying through the halls of Corium and I know it won’t be long till I’m caught in a trap.  

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