Monday 22 February 2021

Cover reveal - The ride by Mickey MIller


Mickey Miller
Photog: Wander Aguiar
Coming March 3rd, The Ride!

Have you heard the rumor about Zach Reid?
Sexy as sin, tastes like whisky, rides a motorcycle.
He is the man your father warned you about.
Too handsome, too tall, too smooth.
The rumor is, he’s done something dark in the past that he doesn’t want to talk about.
But he’s about to shake up my small town life up like a snow globe.
Because after one ride home on the back of his bike, my life will never be the same again.
Zach’s about to take me on a roller coaster ride adventure.
Turns out, sometimes real love comes in the most unexpected, and complex, packages.
I just never thought I could be the girl who makes a man like Zach Reid fall in love.
It all starts with a ride home on a hot summer night.
Let me tell you about it.
Now available for preorder! ->>>

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