Friday 19 February 2021

Release blitz - Vicious oath by Zoe Blake

Title: Vicious Oath
Series: Ivanov Crime Family #2
Author: Zoe Blake
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: February 19, 2021


When I give an order, I expect it to be obeyed.
She’s too smart for her own good, and it’s going to get her killed.
Against my better judgement, I put her under the protection of my powerful Russian mafia family.

So imagine my anger when the little minx ran.
For three long years I’ve been on her trail, always one step behind.
Finding and claiming her had become an obsession.
It was getting harder to rein in my driving need to possess her… to own her.

But now the chase was over.
I’ve found her.
Soon she will be mine.
And I plan to make it official, even if I have to drag her kicking and screaming to the altar.
This time… there will be no escape from me.



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Even in the dim moonlight, I could see the hard glint in his eyes as he advanced, his arms raised. Startled, I stumbled backward, wrapping my hands around the post at my back to steady myself, and then followed his gaze.
Horrified, I realized the rounded neckline of my gown had pushed down when he'd lifted me onto his shoulder. The curves of my br**sts were spilling over the top, and I could see the white lace edge of my bra. From my position on the bench, my chest was now practically at his eye level, completely on display.
“Christ, babygirl,” Damien growled before lunging for me.
With a squeal, I dipped under his outstretched arm and scrambled in my bare feet along the bench to the other side of the gazebo. Keeping one steadying hand on the post, I yanked up the neckline of my dress.
Once again pointing a finger in his direction, I warned, “Don’t you touch me!”
His mouth twisted in a grin. “We are long past that being an option, my malen'kiy padshiy angel.”
Since he barely remembered to feed me as a child, my stepfather definitely never took the time to teach me his native tongue. I really only knew a few curse words and the phrase useless brat in Russian.
I narrowed my gaze. “What does malen'kiy padshiy angel mean?” I asked, sounding it out phonetically.
Reaching down, Damien pinched the hem of my dress between his finger and thumb. He pulled on the pink velvet. “It means my little fallen angel.”
My cheeks flushed at the implied intimacy of such a nickname, not to mention the sexy way he’d said it.
To be honest, I had never liked the sound of the Russian language. It had always sounded course and guttural to my untrained ears, like they were grinding rocks with their teeth as they spoke. It wasn’t the same with Damien. When he spoke Russian, it was more like the low warning purr of a lion.
He twisted the excess fabric in his hand. The dress pulled tight around my hips. I resisted his tug as I clung to the post behind me. He twisted his fist again. This time the dress shifted down, once more exposing the top of my bra. Without thought, I let go of the post and flattened both palms protectively over my chest.
It gave him the perfect opportunity.
With a swift tug, he propelled my body forward, sending me crashing into his arms. It was like hitting a brick wall. Grasping his shoulders for purchase, I still couldn’t stop the momentum and slid down until my knees hit the padded bench. Now all I had to do was tilt my head upwards for my mouth to be only inches from his….
Time stood still.
I cried out and tried to escape.
Damien leaned in close, his lips caressing my ear as he whispered in a low soothing voice, “Shhh… malyshka. I won’t hurt you. Not if you give me what I want.”
I started at the double-entendre of his words.
He slipped a finger under my chin and raised my head. His eyes were such a dark blue they were practically black. They gave away nothing.
With his thumb, he caressed my lower lip. Smearing the clear shimmering gloss I had just put on. Keeping his focus on me, his hand slipped lower to the opening of my dress. He pulled on the neckline till one of the delicate buttons popped. With the dress gaping open, he could once more see the white lace of my bra.
His thumb swiped the upper curve of my right br**st, then the left, marking them with a shimmering trail of glitter from my lipstick.
I bit my lip to keep from crying out, whether from misplaced desire or fear, I had no idea.
Damien ran his knuckle back and forth over the upper swell of my left breast. He observed darkly, “In my line of work, there are so many creative ways to make a person talk.”
He pressed his hips against my body, and I could feel the push of his erect c**k against my stomach. I inhaled sharply as if pulling away from a hot brand.
He leaned his head down and whispered against my open mouth. “So. Many. Creative. Ways.”
My ears buzzed with the sound of the water lapping against the shore and my own hesitant breath. Beneath my hand, there was the steady drumbeat of his heart. My lips parted, and for a spare moment, we shared the same air.
He lifted his right arm and cradled my cheek. My skin, chilled by the night air, felt cool compared to the heat of his palm. The pad of his thumb caressed the outline of my cheekbone.
“Now tell me, who hurt you, babygirl?”
My heart skipped a beat. Part of me yearned to curl up in his arms and spill all my problems onto his big shoulders.
Twisting my head to the side, I lowered my gaze. “It’s nothing.”
Placing a finger under my chin, he forced me to turn back. “It’s far from nothing. Someone hit you. That’s not acceptable. You need to tell me who so I can deal with the matter.”
My curiosity got the better of me. “Deal with the matter? What are you going to do?”
His jaw shifted as he inhaled deeply through his nose. “That is none of your concern. Just give me the name.”
“None of my concern? You’ve got that backwards. I can’t see how any of this is your concern.”
Damien wrapped his free arm around my waist, placing his palm against my lower back and pulling me forward till his hips pressed into my stomach. He leaned down till his lips were barely a whisper from mine. “If you think that, then you haven’t been paying attention.”
His lips claimed mine.


"A book that's so deliciously nasty it will steal your heart, shock you, and make you demand more even after it seared your soul with its every decadently, alluring words and you became insatiably obsessed!" - Ana Elena, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"It’s a cat and mouse game. SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION. This book was pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥" - The Book Platypus ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Vicious Oath is seriously my favorite Zoe Blake novel yet!! This book is absolutely wonderful and the story had me gripped until the very end. There was just SO much chemistry between Yelena and Damian." - Intel Chicky Reads Romance ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Holy hell this book was freaking amazing! Zoe Blake has given me everything I have ever wanted in a kickass heroine!" - Deanna, Goodreads Reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing March 19



USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance 

She delights in writing Dark Romance books filled with overly-possessive Billionaires, Taboo scenes and Unexpected twists. She usually spends her ill-gotten gains on martinis, travel and red lipstick. Since she can barely boil water, she’s lucky enough to be married to a sexy Chef.



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