Friday 5 March 2021

5 days to go - Absolute silence by Jill Ramsower


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Title: Absolute Silence

Genre: Mafia Romance

Author: Jill Ramsower

Release Day: March 10, 2021



The Lion’s Den club was better than I ever imagined and my worst nightmare, all combined.


I thought I was going to explore my darkest fantasies.

Gain a better understanding of myself and see what I’d been missing in life.


Instead, I made a deal with the devil.


I had hoped I wouldn’t see anyone I knew at the club.

Coming face-to-face with Filip De Luca was a worst-case scenario.


Filip was effortless power seething beneath a playboy exterior.

A host of sharp edges disguised behind a cavalier grin.

Inescapably alluring and devastatingly dangerous.


He promised he wouldn’t tell my father about seeing me at the club.

I had his blessing to dip my toes into the dark waters of deviancy.


The catch?

Filip would guide me on this journey.

He would control every aspect of my exploration.

Set every boundary and command my obedience to his rules.


I thought I could live with his terms.

Gain the experience I wanted from a partner I could trust.


What a naïve fool I’d been to think our bargain could ever be so simple.


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