Thursday 18 March 2021

Excerpt reveal - Dangerous king by Sienna Snow


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Dangerous King, an all new dark and sexy standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow is coming in two weeks and we have your first look!

Fall into Nikhil and Danila’s world March 31st!


I’d watched the gorgeous brunette socializing with New York City’s elite as if she were born into it for the better part of the evening.

But I knew the truth.

She was a very good actress, a chameleon, a woman who’d learned the hard way to navigate this new path and use it to her advantage. She played the game better than those born into it. All the while hiding the cunning intelligence underneath. A genius that had come to her naturally, something that wasn’t cultivated in her new life but cast in the poverty-stricken neighborhood where we’d met.

She’d shed the taint of the dark streets and created a new life, whereas I used it to my advantage and wore it like a well-worn-in suit.

The one thing that had never changed in all the years was the way she looked at me.

It wouldn’t matter if I was wearing a tux or a beat-up hoodie, heat would fill her hazel eyes for a few seconds before she schooled it away. It was a pattern we repeated over and over for too many years to count.

There was no doubt Shah had warned her away from anything and everything associated with the old neighborhood, especially me.

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I’m the one she should have stayed away from.

The thief, the hustler, the boy without a past or a future. A kid forged by the rules of the streets.

She sees into my darkest depths and doesn’t blink an eye. She’s my dream, my peace from a place I can never escape.

Then one day, she’s gone, whisked into a world I refuse to taint with my touch.

Fifteen years later, she’s back in my life, needing a favor only I can provide.

I’m no longer the street rat she once knew.  Now I’m king of an empire, where my favors come at a price.

A price, she says she is more than willing to pay, but the cost is all of her...body, mind, and soul.

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