Saturday 27 November 2021

Release blitz - Merry ever after by various authors

It’s the season for gift giving!

Five FREE standalone holiday short stories!



Hot Item by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Getting into a fight with a s exy stranger over the last hot toy on the shelf was not the way I intended to spend Christmas Eve. And I certainly didn’t plan on spending hours more trying to win a contest to decide who would get to buy it. But when our time is up, would the toy be the only hot item I wanted to take home?


One Night Only by Lucy Score

After a Christmas Eve concert mishap, divorced Brooke finds herself snowed in with the silver fo x retiring rocker she’s been trying to interview. Will it take a Christmas miracle to get him to open up to her or does the tattooed bad boy of punk rock have other ideas on how to pass the time?


A Kellan Holiday by Tijan

Humans are so simple with their holiday traditions.

They are ignorant of the powerful and majestic creatures among them, like me.

I am the most powerful demon above the surface.

Nothing can stop me...except, w ell, some stupid prophecy.


Holiday Swing by Kennedy Ryan

For our five - year wedding anniversary, my husband decides he wants another woman. 

The traditional gift is wood, but okay. 

After trying everything with little improvement, our marriage counselor suggests we experiment to reignite our sex life. A swing party is my husband’s adventure of choice. 

Once inside, I can’t go through with it. Seeing him walk off with someone else, I realize we want very different things. Our marriage is over, and I have no intention of having a random hook up with a stranger. 

But then away from the noise and revelry, I find him. 

It’s one illici t encounter. A night with no names and no inhibitions. 

I don’t hold back, knowing I’ll never see him again.

And I don’t…until my parents’ Christmas party…


Nochebuena  by Marie Force

Nochebuena is the Cuban community’s Christmas Eve celebration, and in this short story, the cast of Marie Force’s Miami Nights Series comes together to mark the holiday after a year of change that's tou ched nearly every member of the family. Catch up with the characters from How Much I Feel, How Much I Care and How Much I Love and get a sneak peek at the couple that will headline book 4, How Mu ch I Want. If you haven’t read the books yet, you’ll still enjoy this short story set in the Miami Nights world! 





Cover designer: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative


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