Thursday 4 November 2021

Release blitz - Tarnished throne by Kristen Luciani

Title: Tarnished Throne
Series: Reckless Reign Trilogy #3
Author: Kristen Luciani
Genre: Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance
Release Date: November 4, 2021


Our world is built on a web of lies...and even the truth can't set us free.

I always knew Patrick Mulligan was a man of many layers.
I just never imagined that peeling them back would awaken such a savage beast with the insatiable need to control and conquer everything and everyone around him.

My husband is a beautiful, vicious monster with a god-like body that is fueled by the wrath of the devil.
He can command me with a flash of his eyes and make me melt with the flick of his fingers and the delicious sting of his palm.

But dark secrets, deception, and betrayal litter our happily ever after.
They feed on the roots of our dangerously twisted fairy tale, threatening us at every turn.

I married the man of my dreams, only to have all of them shattered as soon as we said our "I dos."
Because the true villain in our story is the one we never saw coming...and the one we'll never escape.

The RECKLESS REIGN series is an epic dark enemies-to-lovers second-chance romance saga that fans of Nicole Fox and Faith Summers are sure to enjoy! This series follows one couple through a steamy, pulse-pounding trilogy with a guaranteed HEA in book three.



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She hates herself for wanting me.
I hate myself for ever taking her for granted.
My job is to make her feel like the queen that she is.
“Only when you take your head out of your ass and recognize what you have right in front of you.”
“I know what I have.” Snaking my arms around her, I drag my tongue along the outer shell of her ear and she melts into me, not even bothering to fight.
“Never forget it,” she says, swaying against my chest when my lips reach the sensitive area behind her lobe.
“I won’t. I swear.”
“You’re sweaty and gross,” she mutters, gasping when my tongue continues along a devious path down to her breasts. I pull the neck of her t-shirt down, exposing her taut, pink nipple, taking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue and teeth. Her body quivers and quakes under my oral assault.
I guess the pregnancy really has her nerve endings on red alert because she writhes against me like I just hit her spot with my cock.
Fuck, I really think I’d give my left arm to be inside of her right now.
“You wanna wash me off? Or do you wanna get dirty with me?”
Her half-hooded gaze makes my dick jump.
“Definitely dirty.” Her gaze drops to the boxes. “What’d you bring me, anyway?”
“Cannoli and an assortment of other pastries.”
“Using sugar to wiggle your way back into my good graces?”
“Nah, I’m gonna let my tongue do that.” I smirk. “The rest is just icing on the cake.”
I lift her into my arms and carry her into the massive master bathroom, setting her down on the Corian countertop. I strip out of my clothes and start the shower, water shooting out of the jets on all sides of the stone enclosure. Steam rises fast, fogging up the mirrors.
Kyla raises her arms overhead and I pull off her shirt and bra, massaging the soft flesh, kneading it with my palms. She mewls, tossing her head back. I reach behind her head, tilting her face upward. Her eyes open a crack and I crush my lips against hers, nipping at her bottom lip with my teeth.
My tongue spirals around hers, creating a coiling heat that invades every cell of my body. It blasts into every extremity, igniting flames of passion that tear through me like a raging inferno.
All that…just from the feeling of her lips on mine…
Fuck me, she’s incredible.
I moan against her mouth when one of her hands grasps my cock, her fingers encircling the head and slowly, agonizingly sliding them up and down, a vise-like grip that makes me gasp and tremble against her. She breaks away, slipping off the counter and dipping her head lower, her tongue jutting out to taste the precum glistening on the tip. The smooth skin of her hands sizzles my own, her fingertips digging into the flesh of my ass as she takes my whole cock into her mouth.
My fingers get lost in her hair, and while I tug harder and harder, she sucks with a voracity that makes my knees wobble.
I let go of her and grab onto the counter because her devious mouth has morphed my legs into Jell-O. My balls ache, so heavy with need. I squeeze my eyes shut, clenching my teeth. With a stuttering heartbeat that suddenly takes off like a thoroughbred racing around a track, white lights flash behind my eyelids like lightning. An all-consuming electrical current zaps my insides, short-circuiting my brain and illuminating my soul.
It’s fucking otherworldly.
My knuckles are white from gripping the edge of the countertop so tight, the orgasm exploding out of me with an unparalleled erotic force that leaves me spent and sated.
Kyla slides her body upward, her self-satisfied smile telling me I’m forgiven.
And that’s all I really care about.
“There. Now you’re even dirtier,” she whispers, swiping a finger over her lips as they curl up into a seductive smirk.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Kristen Luciani is a USA Today bestselling romance author and coach with a penchant for stilettos, kickboxing, and grapefruit martinis. As a deep-rooted romantic who loves steamy, sexy, and suspense-filled stories, she tried her hand at creating a world of enchantment, sensuality, and intrigue, finally uncovering her true passion. Pun intended…


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